Funding Maori management

Tauranga City Councillors decided this week to allocate $30,000 a year for Tauranga hapu to develop management plans for Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

An application in council’s Ten Year Plan for $30,000 to develop iwi/hapu management plans was unopposed by city councillors during draft annual plan financial discussions.

Council has decided Tauranga hapu and iwi will receive $60,000 in the next two years to assist with the development of management plans.

The first payment of $30,000 will be made in the 2013/14 financial year.

An iwi/hapu management plan is developed and approved by iwi/hapu describing resource management issues of importance and contain information relating to specific cultural values,  historical accounts and descriptions of areas of interest. They can also include social economic and cultural issues.

The management plan will carry legal weight under the Resource Management Act and must be considered in the resource consent decision making process.

With a view to future co-governance issues, the plans can be used to set future direction in relation to social, economic and cultural issues as well as environmental issues.

Reon Tuanau - an iwi representative on the city council’s Tangata Whenua Committee - says the council investment is also a way for council, hapu and iwi to prepare and plan for changes coming out of the treaty settlements.

He thinks it will be two to three years before the settlements come through, which gives all parties time to prepare.

Mayor Stuart Crosby says he’s nervous.

The council is being advised by the Office of Treaty settlements that there are going to be a number of co-governance and co-management agreements put in place at some point. He was questioning the timing of the council’s action and whether they should wait or go ahead.

Reon says the hapu plans provide both Maori and the council an idea of where changes are likely to occur. Hapu, iwi and council must work together.

Councillor Murray Guy asked how he is to explain to ratepayers outside the chamber that the council is paying for the process.

Reon sees it as the way forward. It is also seen as a way of bringing hapu more to the fore in the process.

There are 13 hapu in the Tauranga area and eight iwi-hapu plans in varying states. Many date from the 1990s and haven’t been updates since.

The regional council has increased its funding allocated for iwi hapu plans from $50,000 - $70,000 each year, but it has many more iwi and hapu.

The Western BOP District Council pays out $20,000 a year for iwi and hapu in the Western Bay.

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Posted on 08-07-2013 07:01 | By s83cruiser

the council, with this non rate payer sanctioned funding, is feeding a lazy dog that will end up biting the hand that is feeding it. Beware rate payers of TGA our council has just opened another floodgate for our rates money to flood out through.

To Councillor Murray Guy

Posted on 17-12-2012 19:48 | By carpedeum

Did it occur to any of you to LOAN this money for Iwi Managemrent- after all-it appears to be to assist them manage their Treaty Money- therefore it will end up making a profit. Support in the form of a REPAYABLE LOAN would seem fairer for all of us ratepayers???


Posted on 15-12-2012 15:59 | By equal1

Handing hard earned Taxpayer money to Maori, for anything and everything, will continue for a long time to come, you can bet on that.You can also bet that, ordinary Maori, in yrs to come, will be absolutely no better off than they are now.AND they’ll still be holding their hands out. Just like standing outside a Chimps cage, as long as you supply, he’ll take.


Posted on 13-12-2012 09:14 | By penguin

Use money from the big payouts related to the treaty to DO YOUR OWN THING! Maori want ’self governance’ so that’s a good way to show that they are capable of being ‘independent.’ The more they get "freebies" the more that they will expect. Bit like winning lotto but still applying for subsidies!! Time to get real and realise that we are all members of the same society.


Posted on 05-12-2012 11:48 | By YOGI

Now that is an interesting term, I agree that at best it si a "loan" not a give away from ratepayers, there is no money there for this kind of thing at all.

@ OW

Posted on 01-12-2012 12:25 | By PLONKER

Can not rent what you sold already

only 30 k ?

Posted on 01-12-2012 09:15 | By ow

Only 30 k ? per year ? It should be that per day ! you lot are just renting this land of us anyway

Rortisum throwing money ...

Posted on 30-11-2012 15:11 | By YOGI

Typical, the heading is a contradication anyway, what a waste of time and space it all is.

Throwing money at Rortism

Posted on 30-11-2012 08:24 | By Scambuster

An absolute farce and our elected just lie back and take this crap.Effectively TCC Ratepayers are funding research by mouthers, non contributors, non producers and non performers to shaft them (Ratep-ayers) on basis of often mythical claims via management plans ( read that as control freaking gravy training) - how on earth does that make sense it is like promoting self mutilation!!


Posted on 29-11-2012 18:44 | By Te Ponui

So you lot are happy to enjoy the gift that Maori have offered - use of Mauao - when it could be a commercial goldmine for anyone else who might have owned it? I see you still want to have your cake and eat it too.

Not Again

Posted on 29-11-2012 16:38 | By Jitter

I agree that Maori ratepayers pay their rates like most of the rest of us. However this means they should be treated exactly the same as the rest of us and not have special priveleges and handouts. So ratepayers are to pay for local iwi/hapu to develop management plans for their Treaty of Waitangi settlements. Why can’t they pay for the planning themselves ? The rest of us do not benefit in any way from their settlements so why should we pay for their planning. Do they then intend to pay the $60,000 back to TCC (ratepayers) when their settlement is finalised ? I think not. The longer these ridiculous handouts go on the more racially divided the country will become. "Maori" are only approx 15% of the population of NZ but they demand and continually receive unjustified handouts from central and local government paid for by taxpayers and ratepayers. The rest of us have to work our butts off or raise this sort of money ourselves through appeals and grants. Most "Maori" these days are of mixed blood and many have more "other" blood than Maori blood so are a mixed blood people. This handouts rort has got completly out of hand and it is time central and local government had the guts to stand up and say enough, that’s it finish, full stop.


Posted on 29-11-2012 11:46 | By YOGI

Captain Sensible

Posted on 29-11-2012 08:59 | By Capt_Kaveman

well posted

Te Ponui has no idea

Posted on 29-11-2012 07:18 | By wreck1080

Te ponui, while you maori constantly demand money without working for it you will always be on the bottom of the socioeconomic heap. You’ll become pretty good at begging while the rest of us get good educations and earn a living by getting a job. There are consequences to these constant demands for free money. People will look at maoris walking along the street and assume them to be bludgers. I don’t believe the use of the word racist is appropriate here. Only 30k is it? Perhaps you’d like to give me 30k as it is not much.


Posted on 28-11-2012 22:14 | By crazyhorse

Amazing.frightning realy paying maori money to find out how to get the most money out of the tauranga rate payers BLUDGERS LOSERS.

Clarity ...

Posted on 28-11-2012 22:07 | By Murray.Guy

By Kaimai, "Hope this payment is in the 10 year plan or is it coming from the mayors’ discretionary fund." This $30,000 x 2 consecutive years is NOT set in concrete, (albeit likely to be) We still have the community consultation and submission period with final decisions in the new year. Hopefully some of those posting comments will repeat them to all elected members during submissions.

@ Te Ponui

Posted on 28-11-2012 20:36 | By Captain Sensible

Hold it right there Te Ponui! These financial handouts are based on race. Therefore this one part race (Maori)is getting better treatment than the non-maori. Any handout based on race and not need, stinks of apartheid and racial inequality...something my ancestors fought against in two world most likely did yours. So what, apart from fraudulent claims against the re-interpreted T of W, has changed that suddenly makes apartheid and racism OK in NZ? Know your history, not that colourful fiction spewed out by the biased Waitangu Tribunal where historical accuracy is sacrificed for tales of lies to fan the flames of the maori grievance industry.


Posted on 28-11-2012 16:57 | By Te Ponui

What if it was to help Iwi and council agree to co-management of some parks and resevres that will be rightfully returned to Iwi? If that were the case - and I do not claim to have any inside info on that - and the ratepayers stood to benefit from that, then $30k is a pitiful amount really. But then like many here, I assume.


Posted on 28-11-2012 16:50 | By Te Ponui

Do any of you actually know what this funding goes toward? Or are you making big assumptions again. Methinks the latter. A chance for you to spew your hatred over issues you have a strong opinion but no actual in depth knowledge about.

Another Rort

Posted on 28-11-2012 15:50 | By Kaimai

Hope this payment is in the 10 year plan or is it coming from the mayors’ discretionary fund.


Posted on 28-11-2012 15:27 | By Mr bay

It was unopposed becuase they are to scared that they will offend the local IWI, what absolute BS...


Posted on 28-11-2012 15:25 | By YOGI

RETURN IN INVESTMENT - Can’t see that happening anytime soon as the bank seems to be getting all the good oil out of Tauranga, they are being over zealously encouraged by locally elected members + the plethora of over paid willing helpers to shuffle and wobble there way through the free for all tough of the rich and needy.


Posted on 28-11-2012 15:21 | By

oh please- this is complete idiocy. I dont my rates contributing this this for of rubbish


Posted on 28-11-2012 14:15 | By overit

I agree with david5. Let the Maoris fund their own costs. It appears to me that they love "a dollar each way". Pretty good if you can get it. I understand why so many people head for Oz, because we are being bled dry by people who emigrated here too.


Posted on 28-11-2012 14:07 | By Schroden-Fraude Bob

Why is this happening, is it that they all feel "the warm and fuzzies" about all doing the same thing, like scared of being left out of some gravy train handouts. When will this lot learn that all is "best left alone" always.

Precious over $30k

Posted on 28-11-2012 14:06 | By NoKonei

The Councillors questioned Reon for an hour over a measly $30k before coming to a decision. Next up on the agenda was a decision about paying consultants fees of $400,000 + and no questions followed the report which was decided upon within 10 minutes - I dont see you reporting or moaning about that?! Quit moaning and get over your racist attitudes towards Maori and tangata whenua of Tauranga. Not sure how long you have inhabited this City but my ancestors were here long before you and yours, and we aint going anywhere, so its about time you got used to that fact, and recognise that hapu/iwi of this city pay their damn rates just like the rest of you who continue to moan and think you own this city! Councillors are there to represent their communities. Maori are part of these communities, and have just as much right to seek funding to support the development of plans that better articulate issues of importance to hapu/iwi from a holistic world view. These plans also provide a snapshot into a world and culture that is widely misunderstood!

Council bail out looms

Posted on 28-11-2012 13:20 | By Sambo

just a continuation of more pigs at the trough, we are shareholders in this town, and we demand a return on our investment!!!!!

why is TCC getting involved

Posted on 28-11-2012 12:50 | By hapukafin

Rate payers here we go again.Do we see any of the settlement money spent wisely to benifit the strugglers we support

Maori gravy train

Posted on 28-11-2012 11:10 | By davidt5

Why are rate payers being asked to pay for objectives which benefit only Maori? Surely Maori should pay their own costs out of the large settlements which they ultimately receive. I do not want to be part of the Maori gravy train. Let the councillors pay these monies out of their own pockets which are lined with the generous fees which they collect from the city coffers if they feel such payments to be necessary.


Posted on 28-11-2012 10:53 | By Captain Sensible

The maori mafia continue getting their race based (ie RACIST ) handouts at everyones expense. Extortion and racism are alive and flourishing in Tauranga. I note of all our councillors who are supposedly there to represent everyone in the electorate, not one opposed the handout.


Posted on 28-11-2012 10:52 | By YOGI

Governemnt is in ’handout’ mode, so of course Council just can not help but join in. By the way when did they get a vote from the public at large to be able to have a say in anything?

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