Filthy Few member killed in crash

The Tauranga motorcyclist killed in the Lindis Pass on Monday was Dennis Michael Pedersen, also known as Deano.

The 54-year-old member of the Filthy Few Motorcycle Club was killed when the motorcycle he was riding crashed on State Highway 8 in the South Island yesterday.

Filthy Few Motorcycle Club members gathering outside the club’s pad on Birch Avenue on August 10, 2011, as they prepared to bury fellow club member Louis Gary-Morgan who was killed in a crash.

A second motorcyclist also died in the crash. He was 43-year-old Grant John Roberts of Timaru.

A 26-year-old Timaru woman pillion passenger was airlifted to Dunedin Hospital by the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter. She was in a critical condition last night.

The crash was between a south-bound Nissan and two oncoming motorcycles, at 2.16pm on the pass near Goodger Rd about 20km north of Tarras.

A second woman, the sole occupant of the Nissan car, is in a stable condition in hospital.

Police have charged a 20-year-old visiting Chinese national with two counts of careless driving causing death relating to this crash. Other charges are likely to follow.

The woman is likely to appear in the Alexandra District Court later today.

The riders were part of a group of riders returning from attending the Burt Munro Challenge at Oreti Park, Invercargill.

Southland Police say they still want witnesses to come forward regarding the driving behaviour of both groups prior to the crash.

“We are particularly interested in movements of a dark coloured Nissan sedan with a single female occupant traveling south from Omarama towards Cromwell between midday and 2.15pm yesterday,” says Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk.

“We believe that this vehicle was following a white station wagon a short time before the crash occurred. We would like the driver of that white station wagon to contact police.

“We would also appreciate any witnesses who saw a group of 8-10 motorcyclists on large Harley Davidson motorcycles traveling from Cromwell towards Omarama yesterday afternoon around the same time.”

Cromwell Police have had several people contact them today with information and that is appreciated.

Alcohol is not suspected to be a factor in the crash.

Police staff, including the Police Serious Crash Unit, are continuing to work on the investigation.

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Posted on 29-11-2012 22:12 | By vandy10

I didnt know Deano personally but was looked after by him in the shop and he was always cheerful,and a really really nice guy to deal with...Sincere condolences to his family..Ride free....

Who pays the price??

Posted on 29-11-2012 18:35 | By Unfair

My sincere condolences go out to both the Families & Brothers at this sad loss. Although I didn’t know them, like myself I’m sure a lot of people are saddened by this tragic accident. My partner also rides, so when yet again another accident occurs at no fault of the riders it amazes me why NZ Government never took this into account when slamming the bike enthusiasts with ridiculous bike rego’s to cover -ACC Levys. Who pays the price? RIP , two innocent men just doing what they loved...... Ride on forever....... My thoughts are with all at this sad time

Yup i do!

Posted on 29-11-2012 10:57 | By never learn

To answer yur question Driving test...yes i think it should apply in all countrys for all drivers! Better that than allow people who dont know our roads to kill innocent peoples.

Watch what happens on Friday

Posted on 28-11-2012 18:39 | By TheCameltoeKid

As a fellow Harley Davidson rider my thoughts go out to Deano’s family and his Few brothers. Now let’s see a real life movie play out on Friday. NZ’s greatest comedy act (The NZ Police Force ) is in town so position yourself on a hill above Birch Ave to watch this comedy/drama play out. It will no doubt involve gun wielding Police Officers armed with Bushmasters and Glocks. Probably a boozebus. I have no doubt they will be receiving advice from the FBI, CIA, SAS and also MOSSAD! The American Airforce will probably have their helicopters hoovering overhead and I also heard they have a submarine patrolling the Waikario estuary to prevent any badness escaping by boat! Goodness me, what will they resort to next? Forged court orders maybe?

Rip Deano

Posted on 28-11-2012 13:27 | By Shonz

Just heard, gutted. RIP Shona & Summer.


Posted on 28-11-2012 10:58 | By YOGI

Deano was a cool as dude, sadly the good die young and often well before there time. Deano was good on a bike, never can rely on another driver to be competent even after a drive test.


Posted on 28-11-2012 09:33 | By thefamily1

Why have you headed it Filthy Few member killed in crash...Why not Well known Business Man Dies in Crash! Deano was awesome guy my heart goes out to Lisa & Kristina & the rest of his family...


Posted on 28-11-2012 08:14 | By Bassist

.... to Lisa & family - RIP Deno.

Driving tests

Posted on 27-11-2012 20:13 | By WSTAKL

If people think foreigners should do a road safety test in order to drive on NZ roads, do we also agree New Zealander’s should also do the same when traveling to a foreign country and want to drive on their roads?


Posted on 27-11-2012 19:45 | By YEP

This is crazy stuff, and taking out two, and the  [women] charged will most likely go home scot free. My condolences to The Filthys and Family.

Heil Deno

Posted on 27-11-2012 19:01 | By migsrides

Taken to soon rip


Posted on 27-11-2012 16:24 | By equal1

Absolutely crazy that foreigners don’t need to do ’a NZ Road Safety aquaintence’ course before they are allowed to drive.


Posted on 27-11-2012 14:37 | By never learn

Senseless death..foreigners should be made to do a road safety test before being allowed driving rights in NZ.

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