Mission to bring back Georgie Pie

Grant Duffield is determined to bring back the good old days of Georgie Pie taking to the streets of Tauranga this week in an effort to make it happen.

The 29-year-old Whakatane man is single-handedly collecting signatures throughout the North Island to bring back the golden pie restaurant.

Georgie Pie man Grant Duffield in Tauranga.

On Wednesday he canvassed Devonport Road hoping to entice Tauranga people into signing the petition he intends to present to McDonalds, who purchased the chain from Progressive Enterprises in 1996.

Back in July Grant had received huge support from fans collecting 2600 signatures in a little more than two weeks.

Since then the number of fans in favour of the pie chain returning has risen and Grant now has a total of more than 6000 signatures.

The Bring Back Georgie Pie Facebook page has also received more than 50,000 likes.

Fans commenting on the Bring Back Georgie Pie official website say their favourite Georgie Pie memory is the $1 pie and cheap combo options.

“I remember when we used to go there after soccer games and get the $5 combos,” commented one member.

Georgie Pie achieved a number of firsts since it’s opening in Kelston, West Auckland in 1977 including the first drive-through, the first fast-food chain to offer breakfast and the first local concept to challenge international brands.


cant bring back memories

Posted on 20-09-2012 14:30 | By traceybjammet

We used to taste the pies when they were perfecting the recipe when Mr Ah Chee etc who owned foodtown were starting the restaurants way back. Yes we all loved Georgie Pie but in all fairness now I love the memories not the pie as Pats Pies etc are all wonderful and we should support them and our other small local bakeries

Good on ya

Posted on 20-09-2012 13:11 | By Sheryl_is_awesome

My family enjoyed going to Goergie Pie and always thought it was ashame it was bought out and closed down.

get over it

Posted on 20-09-2012 12:53 | By Butch

or get your own franchise, and is he on a benifit, or employed by who?


Posted on 20-09-2012 12:22 | By faust01

Georgie pie was a new zealand brand. They had an amazing playground, but the $1 menu was back in the day when Hamburgers were only 50c and Cheeseburgers were $1 from Mcdonanlds


Posted on 20-09-2012 11:43 | By AratakiJive

I simply cannot understand why anyone would want more American junk food here in Nu Zillun. You want a great pie? look no further than the bakery in Papamoas Plaza. Or any chinese run home bakeries in the area. They are tastier, healthier and the money stays in NZ.

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