King and Queen of the Point return to Manu Bay

Raglans Billy Stairmand showing why he was the King of the Point in 2020. Image: NZ Surfing Magazine.

The Backdoor King and Queen of the point presented by Quiksilver and Roxy returns to Manu Bay this July, rounding out a truncated domestic New Zealand Surf Series for 2022.

The three-day King and Queen of the Point takes place on the last weekend of the school holidays (22-24 July) and includes both the Open Men and Women plus junior divisions with the event promising to be a highlight of the 2022 event calendar.

Rounding out the season in style, over 150 participants will descend upon the fabled Manu Bay to battle it out across six divisions including the Under 20 Boys and Girls and the Under 16 Boys and Girls.

The event will attract New Zealand’s top Open Men’s surfers including National Champion Daniel Farr (Tara) who has just returned from Indonesia where he placed 25th at the WSL QS5000 Nias Pro and witnessed Paige Hareb’s fantastic victory.

Local surfer Billy Stairmand will return from duties on the WSL Challenger Series in South Africa in early July before heading to California for the US Open of Surfing the week after the event.

Top Kiwi females including defending champion Paige Hareb (Tara) and Gisborne’s Saffi Vette will remain overseas and are unable to attend the King and Queen of the Point opening up the chance for fresh female talent to rise to the occasion.

New Zealand Junior Surfing Teammates Natasha Gouldsbury and Liv Haysom will be looking forward to competing back at home as will several young surfers who will return from participating in two events across the ditch in Australia during the school holidays.

Under 20 Boys and Girls Divisions return in 2022 allowing those juniors coming to the end of their junior careers a chance at achieving further accolades.

The likes of Tom Robinson (Whngrei), Jack Hinton (Mnt), Jack Lee (Whaka), Brie Bennett (Rag) and Georgia Wederell (Mnt) will get a rare opportunity to compete in the division.

In the Under 16 Boys and Girls, season long campaigns will go on the line again with the majority of the New Zealand Junior Surfing Team set to compete.

Having recently returned from El Salvador this month, they will be eager to use their World Junior Championship experience in home waters. Skylar Mcfetridge (Tara), Pia Rogers (WGM), Kalani Louis (Tara), Spencer Rowson (Tara), Tao Mouldey (Mnt) and Jack Tyro (Chch) all head to Raglan for the winter event with conditions a stark contrast to 30 degree water and long right handers that they surfed in El Salvador.

Backdoor King and Queen of the Point presented by Quiksilver is an SNZ 3000 event with $15,000 prize money and prizes up for grabs.

Please see below for previous winners of the event.

2020 Men’s Division Women’s Division
2020 - Billy Stairmand (Rag) 2020- Paige Hareb (Tara)
2019 – Luke Cederman (Rag) 2019 – Kai Woolf (Rag)
2018 – Luke Cederman (Rag) 2018 – Aimee Brown (Grt Barrier)

2020 Men’s Division Final
Billy Stairmand (Rag), 16, 1, Taylor Hutchison (Rag), 13.4, 2, Dune Kennings (Piha), 12.16, 3, Shane Kraus (Piha), 10.37, 4

2020 Open Women’s Division Final
Paige Hareb (Tara), 14.8, 1, Ava Henderson (Chch), 10.4, 2, Ella Williams (WGM), 10.3, 3, Aimee Brown (GB), 6.93, 4

2020 Under 20 Boys Division Final
Kehu Butler (Mnt), 16.73, 1, Caleb Cutmore (Ham), 15.24, 2, Kora Cooper (Rag), 12.57, 3, Josef Jungwirth (Rag), 9, 4

2020 Under 20 Girls Division Final
Kai Woolf (Rag), 12.3, 1, Brie Bennett (Rag), 9.93, 2, Aimee Brown (GB), 8.46, 3, Ava Henderson (Chch), 6.56, 4

2020 Under 16 Boys Division Final
Finn Vette (Gis), 11.57, 1, Jayden Willoughby (Rag), 10.8, 2, Navryn Malone (Rag), 9.43, 3, Kora Cooper (Rag), 5.46, 4

2020 Under 16 Girls Division Final
Ava Henderson (Chch), 12.5, 1, Liv Haysom (Piha), 9.6, 2, Natasha Gouldsbury (Tara), 4.97, 3, Sophia Brock (Mnt), 3.83, 4

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