Dora needs you!

Dora gets cuddles with Chrissy Watt at Tauranga SPCA. Photo: Supplied.

No longer having the puppy factor, one-year-old darling Dora has been repeatedly looked over at Tauranga’s SPCA.

She needs the right loving person to take her home, and that could be you!

SPCA staff member and dog lover Chrissy Watt describes Dora as ‘beautiful’.

“She’s full of beans, energetic, she loves people and that’s a good thing for what she’s been through,” says Chrissy.

Dora originally came to the SPCA as a puppy when her mother had mange.

She was quickly adopted to a family for six months, however, Chrissy says “sometimes people don’t have enough time” and Dora was returned in February.

Since then Dora has ‘progressed a lot’.

“She was very unsure, barky, scared and depressed. Suddenly the owner dumps them and leaves them.

“They don’t know, they haven’t done anything wrong.”

As an active Shar Pei cross, Dora will need someone that is keen to take her for ‘walkies’.

This precious and playful pooch has learnt ‘sit’, ‘drop’ and ‘stay’ and is good with kids.

Love people watching? Dora’s your perfect partner with her curious and inquisitive nature.

“She’s very interested in people. She’s always looking to see who’s there.” Now you can enjoy silently judging people at the park with this cutie at your side.

Dora isn’t like other dogs either, having a unique quirk. “She doesn’t like bones! Most dogs like bones,” says Chrissy with a laugh.

So don’t worry, you won’t find this canine rummaging for chicken bones in your bin at 2am in the morning. Phew!

The ideal person for Dora would be someone with dog ‘experience and knowledge’.

“She needs someone that wants a dog and is going to spend the time,” says Chrissy.

“She’s just a dog that wants a home and a home for life.”

For more information about Dora and how to adopt, visit:

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