Introspective solo show on offer

A lifetime artist, who has been a member of The Incubator Creative Hub team since it launched in 2013, has his newest solo exhibition on show this month.

‘Outside In, Inside Out’ – on show in The incubator Gallery at Historic Village until May 1 – is the work of John Baxter.

The context of John’s artwork centres around the inter-connectivity of life forces from the cellular to the celestial; in particular the attraction, repulsion, or grouping of objects due to electrical, magnetic, or chemical bonding.

His fourth solo exhibition, John describes ‘Outside In, Inside Out’ as a place where outside influences create inner conflicts in the dark recesses of the mind, “where dreams and nightmares languish, and depression and elation do battle with the mundane”.

“Upon rest, or isolation, chemical reactions in the brain are converted into electrical impulses, which then manifest into subconscious expressions in painted worlds of abstract images, colours and shapes,” says John.

Originally from Yorkshire, England, John is a Tauranga-based artist, photographer, poet, songwriter, musician, prop maker and furniture designer with a Diploma in Creative Industries.

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