Zebra crossing spotted in Coromandel

The ‘zebra’ crossing in Kūaotunu. Image: Felicity Jean photography.


An unofficial Zebra crossing is causing a stir in the Coromandel town of Kūaotunu.

Locals have painted their own crossing after growing frustrated by a lack of action. It has been visited by the town’s very own Zebra.

Coromandel’s CFM has a fun account of the intriguing case of the controversial crossing.

“The controversial painted strip on Black Jack Road near the Cafe in Kūaotunu has again come to our attention with a 'zebra' spotted crossing the road where the controversial painted lines are located.

Obviously the zebra thought it safer to cross where the white markings are located.

The road markings appeared a week or so prior to Christmas and no one has so far owned up to painting them.

Many locals have commented on social media saying the road through the shops and Lukes Kitchen is dangerous to cross with many cars not appreciating the number of people in the area and travelling at speed on the way to and from Otama Beach/Opito Bay.

Thames Coromandel District Council were not impressed someone had painted the road. They made it clear that the crossing was unauthorised and the piece of street art became the matter of an official police complaint. A stern message from the roading manager followed, suggesting the painting of the road was unsafe and could cause damage to the bitumen.

They went on to say "If an accident occurs the person or persons involved in painting the unauthorised markings may be held liable for injury if it is proven that their actions contributed to the accident. This may result in criminal prosecution."

Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Brent Page says residents are frustrated by the lack of action, which has been coming to a head over several months.

He says members of the community appeared to have taken the law into their own hands and painted the crossing at a spot designed for one on the 45 degree corner by Luke's Kitchen.”

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