Auckland flood victims have accommodation support

Homes in Auckland were flooded on August, 31. Photo. Helensville Volunteer Fire Brigade.

TAS is now accepting registrations from displaced residents who need assistance finding temporary accommodation.

Following inspections, TAS can confirm four buildings have been severely affected and 74 moderately affected by the region’s heavy rainfall on August 31.

As the Auckland region is currently in Alert Level 4, TAS is working closely with partner agencies to ensure that all aspects of the response can be completed safely and in compliance with Alert Level 4 restrictions.

“If the West Auckland flooding affected your household and you need support to find temporary accommodation, we can help,” says Al Bruce, National Manager, TAS.

“If you are staying in accommodation provided by your district council or with friends or whānau, and think you will need a longer term accommodation solution while your home undergoes repairs, I’d strongly recommend you talk with TAS now about the options we have available.

“Temporary accommodation is not income or asset tested and we work with each household that requires our support to establish their needs and connect them with available accommodation.

 “I would also urge tenants and landlords of rental properties to visit to familiarise themselves with their tenancy rights and obligations following an event like this.”

Temporary accommodation differs from ‘shelter’ and ‘emergency accommodation’, which is provided for a short period of time by civil defence and emergency management agencies. 

Temporary accommodation is used for a short to medium term, providing households with accommodation while repairs are undertaken following a natural disaster.

Wherever possible TAS uses existing, undamaged residential housing as temporary accommodation. Where there is a shortage of rental accommodation in the affected area TAS procures and deploys additional housing supply to be used as temporary accommodation to support residential housing recovery. 

Whether you need assistance finding temporary accommodation immediately or think you may need some help in the future, you can register via our website or by phone on 0508 754 163.

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Why TAS?

Posted on 09-09-2021 20:22 | By The Professor

Surely it’s the homeowners insurance company that should be sorting alternative, temporary accommodation for people affected? That why we all have insurance isn’t it (said with a hint of sarcasm)?

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