New Motiti Protection area date confirmed

Map of the three areas making up the Motiti Protection Area

A start date for the new Motiti Protection Area rules has been confirmed at Bay of Plenty Regional Councils Strategy and Policy meeting today.

From August 11 you can no longer anchor on, or take any marine life from, the three reefs making up the Motiti Protection Area.

Chairperson of the Strategy and Policy Committee Paula Thompson says the marine protection area is being introduced to safeguard the indigenous biodiversity that relies on these reefs.

"This marine protection area is the only one of its kind in Bay of Plenty and a really important and unique opportunity for us to better understand the health of the marine environment and the ecosystems it supports.

"We’ve already begun monitoring these reefs and the taonga species that call it home but once in place we’ll be looking to establish a benchmark so in the future we can see if the protections are working.

"We recommend anyone who goes boating in this area becomes familiar with the extent of the protection areas on our website."

The new rules will apply to everyone equally, including customary, recreational and commercial fishers, divers, those spearfishing, even if you’re catch and releasing.

For more information on the Motiti Protection Area visit

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Amateur Fishers

Posted on 04-05-2021 16:13 | By Told you

To ban fishing in this area is wrong, the amount of fish taken by recreational boats is perfectly sustainable and is a plain stupid decision.

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