Moko’s legacy lives on in film

A feature length film is being made in tribute to the “lone wild dolphin who stole the hearts of a nation”.

Moko, famous for getting up close and personal with swimmers throughout New Zealand, was found dead on Matakana Island in July, 2010.

Now Moko fans can revisit the playful dolphin through a film being made by Bay of Plenty resident Amy Taylor.

Filmed six months before Moko’s death, Soul in the Sea celebrates the friendships people made with Moko and explores the emotional journeys of those who tried to protect him.

“I’m mad about dolphins and it was a dream come true to be able to film him,” says Amy.

A shorter film, also made by Amy, was aired on TV3 in February but she says Soul in the Sea is a more extensive expression of what Moko was truly like and features unseen footage of the wild dolphin.

“I didn’t feel the TV version did justice.

“I want people will feel like they’re there with him when they watch it, and to see why dolphins need to be protected from slaughter and captivity.”

Amy is seeking donations to complete Soul in the Sea by 2013 to show at film festivals and distribute on DVD.

She has set up a fundraising project where people can view the film’s trailer, donate money and get the chance to be an associate producer of the film.

Amy says Pledge Me also gives back to people who donate by offering a poster, DVD or have their name included on the credits, says Amy.

The funds raised will go towards post production and marketing and distribution costs.

“It’s a worthwhile project to support.”

To view Soul in the Sea’s trailer or make a donation go to

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Posted on 16-05-2012 15:51 | By traceybjammet

this is what NZ on air should be helping out with not a giant ad for Qld and how idiotic kiwis can look while visitors in someone elses country as in the GC

Fantastic Idea

Posted on 16-05-2012 15:11 | By juliasich

What a wonderful idea to make a movie about Moko the friendly dolphin and raise awareness of their need to be protected. I look forward very much to seeing the movie.

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