Airshow: Explosive first day action

It was a day of spins, dive bombs and thunderous sounds in the skies above Tauranga as more than 60 military aircraft took to the sky to perform at the Tauranga City Airshow.

With perfectly blue skies and just enough breeze to keep people cool, the biannual airshow proved its worth as one of New Zealand's biggest airshows.

A Hawker soars through the sky at the Tauranga City Airshow. See video below for today's Tauranga City Airshow highlights and interview with event co-director Andrew Gormlie.

With ticket sales above 10,000, airshow co-director Andrew Gormlie says he wouldn't be surprised if the final numbers doubled that of the Saturday, of the 2010 event.

“We had about 20,000 altogether at the last event, with between 7-8000 on the Saturday, and 13,000 on the Sunday. I would think that today could possibly double last time's crowd.”

Andrew says the highlights of the day include the Hawker flyby and Spitfire display.

The race between the Audi R8 and P40 Kittyhawke was also a favourite, which is set to be even bigger tomorrow when the Kittyhawke is replaced by two fighter jets – the Strikemaster and the A37 Dragonfly.

With perfect weather conditions, Andrew says the day went off “without a hitch”.

“We haven't had any mishaps at all, the crowds have been brilliant.”

On the ground people were kept entertained with 160 trade stalls and exhibits, including the New Zealand Airforce Hercules, which attracted large lines as people waited to take a tour.

Andrew says today's demonstrations will be bigger tomorrow, with an extended programme.

“Tomorrow is an advanced version of what people saw today. There is a bigger programme – I expect the Hunter will be a big highlight.

“I would recommend people get here early and get themselves a good spot.”

Gates open at 8am on Sunday, with the official programme starting at 10am.



Posted on 30-01-2012 14:40 | By wonkidonki

I went to the airshow on Saturday and it was very well organized, well done to the event organizers it was a huge success. Thanks

Hawker Hunter

Posted on 28-01-2012 21:05 | By blondebabeNZ

It was the Hawker Hunter that scared the beejesus outa me, awesome looking plane.

Scared witless

Posted on 28-01-2012 20:50 | By blondebabeNZ

That blimmen jet that has army patch colours on it gave me such a fright today as it flew over my car on my way to the Mt, never before have I ever had such a fright to that extent, my whole body shook with the fright, the jet came out of the blue and the noise was deafening, I was lucky I never ran off the road, I had to keep driving. I was shaking from fright for half an hr, my god that plane was loud, I scare easily and that plane was 10x worse than anything I've ever had scare me, even a thunder storm is not close to that noise wow man..I'd love to meet the pilot and tell him how much he scared me, frightening stuff.

Great coverage.

Posted on 28-01-2012 18:34 | By Garret

I must compliment The Sun for your great coverage of the airshow. All the interesting info and interviews has allowed me to share all the articles with friends and family all over the world. Well done to all the reporters and the Editor, and ... Thank you very much.

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