Dead whales on Papamoa Beach

Maritime New Zealand has confirmed there are four dead whales on Papamoa Beach.

Department of Conservation staff and Maritime New Zealand wildlife teams are on their way to the beach.

Two Gray’s Beaked whales were stranded on Papamoa Beach last year.

Two adults and two juvenlies have been found 2km east of Papamoa east.

Spokesperson Sian Routledge says they believe the stranding is not due to the Rena.

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Posted on 22-01-2012 14:15 | By MrsT

maybe the Rena was trying to evolve aswell, by attempting a walk over the reef.

Posted on 22-01-2012 12:38 | By CC8

Kaveman lives in the Konspiracy Kave. 0-)

Yea Right.

Posted on 22-01-2012 10:38 | By Zara

Are these the same people who assured us there were no dangerous chemicals on the Rena?

Of course it's the Renas fault lol

Posted on 22-01-2012 08:18 | By Gammelvind

It’s ok Baysurfer, Kaveman relates everything to the Rena. Whales strand for various unknown reasons, maybe they are trying to evolve :-)

capt kaveman

Posted on 21-01-2012 21:42 | By charob

and you no the TRUTH. whales strand all year as mlow says. so why do you m ake the connection between this stranding and the rena. What ship has gone aground near nelson where there were several whale strandings last year................

stop over reacting

Posted on 21-01-2012 20:52 | By baysurfer

Not everything is related to the Rena yes its very rare but these things happen

Dead Whales

Posted on 21-01-2012 17:24 | By mlow

Whales strand all almost every country..for reasons UNKNOWN to man. I fail to see any connection between the Rena and 4 dead whales.


Posted on 21-01-2012 16:21 | By Capt_Kaveman

"Spokesperson Sian Routledge says they believe the stranding is not due to the Rena" yeah right so how many beachings is this now that are not Rena related?? strandings are rare events here why dont they tell the truth

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