Cadbury’s owner is now shrinking lolly packets

Pascall sweet packet sizes have plummeted under 200g for 2019. Image: Jason Dorday/

The blows keep coming for Kiwi sweet lovers from Cadbury owner Mondelez.

​Now the food giant is slashing the size of many popular Pascall packets of lollies.

Jet Planes, Wine Gums, Jubes have been cut by 25 per cent - from 240g packets to 180g packets.

Mint Imperials also have a 25 per cent cut, dropping from 200 grams to 150 grams.

The move comes at the same time as Mondelez trimmed the size of the Cadbury family blocks of chocolate to great outrage.

And that followed outrage over Cadbury's decision to only offer odd half-shaped marshmallow eggs this Easter

Pascall hasn't announced the lolly packet reduction on its Facebook page.

The last post was "season's sweetings" on December 23 last year. Its web page still promotes the old sizes.

Some supermarkets still have both sizes on the shelves. One Christchurch supermarket had removed all Pascall lolly packets.

Pascall says the changes are to make the lollies more affordable and that's what Kiwi lolly lovers said they wanted.

In emailed comments, Pascall marketing director Rohin Rosman says: "Pascall lovers have told us they'd prefer their favourite lollies to be available at a lower price, so we've reduced the recommended retail price and size to make a bag of Pascall lollies more affordable."

Rohin says the recommended retail price per gram was just over 5 per cent higher across the range.

"While we recommend a recommended retail price, we don't set prices which can vary by retailer and store."

In other changes, Fruit Burst and Minties have dropped from 220 grams to 170 grams (22.7 per cent cut).

Milk Bottles and Milk Shakes go from 210 grams to 170 grams, a 19 per cent cut.

Pineapple Lumps match the price drop with a 15 per cent decrease from 165 grams to 140 grams and some lollies look better value.

These include Marshmallows (210g-180g, 14.4 per cent cut) and Eskimos (170g-150g, 11.8 per cent cut). Sargent

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thats good

Posted on 13-02-2019 01:09 | By CC8

The cut down on sugar should save a few lives and some public health funds. Seriously folks ! just stop buying them.

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