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Tauranga’s waterfront development plan has council approval with work on transforming The Strand reclamation expected to begin next autumn.

Work could have begun earlier, but it would disrupt a number of waterfront events scheduled over the coming summer, says Tauranga City Councillor Larry Baldock.

The plan for Tauranga’s waterfront. View full plan here: proposed_plan_waterfront.pdf

The project sees a waterfront walkway/cycleway from Dive Crescent to the boat ramp at the southern end built, plus grassed and planted areas along the harbour side of the reclamation car park.

The $625,000 project replaces a previous plan estimated to cost $23 million.

While the council has obtained consent for the $23 million plan, which includes a 5m-wide wooden walkway built out over the harbour on piles, the reality will be more modest.

The walkway from Dive Crescent to the southern boat ramp will be a 3m-wide boardwalk built on land.

“It is a very, very good investment of a small amount of money,” says Larry.

“Instead of spending $20 million, it does send a signal that we are serious about reclaiming the waterfront.”

Larry and councillors Tony Christiansen, Bill Grainger and Terry Molloy, and TCC chief executive Ken Paterson, strategic planner Adele Hadfield, and Duarne Lankshear from Priority One, are part of the waterfront taskforce, which will now consider how to encourage a mixed community/commercial development.

The consent allows construction at the Dive Crescent end, the southern end, and near the Edgewater Fan.

The taskforce will report back to the Tauranga City Council in more detail for the Ten Year Plan discussions in November.

Funding comes from the cancelled Coronation Pier project at $400,000, plus $120,000 from the Coronation Pier infrastructure project.

And about $105,000 from the waterfront project, which will pay resource consent costs.

The key elements are seen as the harbour front walkway, a southern space that can support events and temporary activities while maintaining use of the boat ramp.

There will also be minor adjustments to the Edgewater Fan to make it more attractive to small scale commercial activities and a repaint.

There is also to be a central space that can support events and temporary activities while continuing use as a car park.

“It’s a step in the right direction at long last,” says Councillor Catherine Stewart.

Councillor Wayne Moultrie says it is “one small step”, Councillor Bill Faulkner says the waterfront will at last be a people friendly place “except on days when it is screaming from the west”.

Mayor Stuart Crosby says the first stage of the waterfront project is an ideal way to create a public area that can be used for a variety of events and activities to bring people into the city centre.

“This is an excellent example of the commercial and public sectors working together.

“We have come up with a solution that enables an important development for the city centre to go ahead with a realistic budget for the current economic environment.”

Mainstreet Tauranga manager Kirby Weis says the staged approach shows fiscal responsibility and a collaborative plan that allays some members’ concerns while still providing a waterfront that Tauranga can be proud of.

“Mainstreet Tauranga supports the waterfront project as it is a strong and positive step towards developing Tauranga city and will provide a wonderful asset, a purpose built event space and greenscape connecting the water to the city centre,” says Kirby.

Priority One chief executive Andrew Coker says the Tauranga waterfront will in time attract people and commerce, much like Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour.



Posted on 13-11-2011 13:26 | By DRONE

Priority One obviously have had a script written for them and recited it verbatim. It is obvious that a replica of these public commercial areas do well in Auckland, yet here in Tauranga the commercial reality of it is far different for many obvious reasons. What planet are these guys on!


Posted on 09-11-2011 08:51 | By SCARLET PIMPINEL

Another view of it of course.


Posted on 06-11-2011 13:26 | By PLONKER

You missed the most important part mate, the reason there is such a close relationship between "water" and "TCC" is because everything they have a go at "SINKS" so you have to have water in therer somewhere for that to happen.


Posted on 06-11-2011 10:43 | By YOGI

With me it is anything ’picnic baskets’ but with TCC there is a clear pattern developing here, about anything they do that remotely has WATER involved! All the things that go wrong involve water and getting drenched becasue of it. Take a look at them: Mount Hot Pools overspending, leaking pool, Baywave Pool leaks since built, Southern Pipeline is a failed nonesense spendup, Route K is through a waste land bog and it is a financial failure to. Baypark is built on sewerage land and TECT Arena is "awash" with debt. However you look at it there is a sodden mess from one end of town to the other.


Posted on 05-11-2011 21:33 | By The Tomahawk Kid

I agree. This is what I have been attempting to get across. They fail because of the way they try to make a difference - the same tried and failed method of NO PRINCIPLES, personal feelings and MOB RULE


Posted on 05-11-2011 14:25 | By SCOTT NUFFIN4U

A vacant space no less, I am sure that the Councillors are all wonderful people and had all the best intentions when they initially stood and were then elected in. However the results of the decisions made (easily PREDICTABLE IN ADVANCE) have failed to live up to anything like the promises made. There are many examples that were championed then and of course a raft of excuses and subterfuge since to explain away the lack of results. A good example is Route K, the results near 10 years on still are not even 50% of what was predicted and budgeted for in 2001 prior to building it, never mind that LTNZ advised that it would fail then also, they did it anyway. I would accept that TCC and most likely a majority of Councillors (hence the stream of inept decisions) are performing to the best of their ability however the job requires more than that to achieve the desired end result needed, the short version answer here is that they can not see what is wrong with the decisions that have been made in the past and so are incapable of learning to avoid these same mistakes therefore we have a VIRTUALLY CONTINUOUS TRAIL OF FINANCIALLY SELF MUTILATING DECISIONS IMPOSED UPON RATEPAYERS. You want to change that then you need to change who is making these silly decisions, of course ’silly" is not the half of what all should be described as.


Posted on 05-11-2011 11:38 | By PLONKER

The "Crosby Crew" “HAS BEEN” there for ages so I would say that includes most of them anyway. Even though three went by the way last time I can not say that there has been an improvement in what they are doing in fact one could easily argue that the level of intellect has diminished as well as the measurable results. Despite all the promises there few who look able to achieve the promises made at any level.


Posted on 05-11-2011 09:26 | By The Tomahawk Kid

So you think they are all devious crooks, and bad people just in it for themselves? I dont believe that for a second! I personally think They are all good longstanding Tauranga people driven to stand for council by the poor record of previous councillors. They MAY not be that worldly (whatever you mean by that?) but their poor results are the result of they WAY and METHOD they continue to ATTEMPT to do better - it is their METHODS and LACK OF PRINCIPLES that are FAULTY and cause them to fail - not their bad intentions.


Posted on 03-11-2011 20:52 | By SCOTT NUFFIN4U

Right on Bush Wacker, Murray is on the track for this one, but what did he vote for and stand up for us voters!


Posted on 02-11-2011 17:32 | By BUSH WACKER

at Tommahawk Kid, I dont think that Councillors are there for the right reasons such as the greater good of all others. They may think that they are but sadly the world from within TCC which they operate is lacking totally in perceiving reality on that one. They are not that worldly and those advising them are even less so and that is clear from the underlying obvious end results achieved. What else do you need to know or understand on this?


Posted on 30-10-2011 20:27 | By SLIPPERY SALAMI

Hell even Murray Guy has got it right, so when does that make it into the caverns of TCC and get seen in the light of day?


Posted on 30-10-2011 10:00 | By The Tomahawk Kid

Thank you for that. I have said it before that all those on council are there for the RIGHT REASONS - it is only their FAULTY METHODS of achieving what we all want - ie a better Tauranga - that are the problem. They all want the best for the city but unfortunately continue the tried and FAILED method of achieving it. (bang! - ouch bang - ouch) They cant help themselves as you put it because they THINK they are doing their job by DOING SOMETHING because THAT IS WHAT HAS BEEN DEMANDED OF THEM by the VOTERS. If they do NOTHING they get slammed. When they do something (and it enevitably turns to custard) they get SLAMMED AGAIN! They get voted IN because of the things they say they will DO. instead of saying NO to stuff that should NOT be council business. The fault lies in the brainwashing of generations to believe that democracy (the counting of heads - not their content) gives them a right to other peoples rights and property, and that unfortunately will never change, so we are doomed to more of the same. My own campaign against this madness is also pointless, but the way I see it is "If a person (me) sees the enemy coming, and doesnt raise the alarm, what does that say for me?"


Posted on 29-10-2011 22:15 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The only good that may come of that is if that keep looking for the dead end road, that may well mean that all ’over the hill" and keep going that way.


Posted on 29-10-2011 14:09 | By ANNA KISSED

Now that would be a good idea, thre would be a few building consent fees in that to, helps all in the process, most importantly the CBD.


Posted on 28-10-2011 18:49 | By PLONKER

@ MURRAY, Yes Murray that is correct, the sooner you lot (not personal Murray, it is about Councillors achievements as a group and the path they are taking for no apparent obvious good reasons), sadly need to get back to the "basics" thet better for everyone else in the CBD and community to get to the business of working, running a business properly and prosper.

Parking, a purpose = People and lots of them!

Posted on 28-10-2011 13:25 | By Murray.Guy

’Away with the fairies’ with ratepayers money - again. It is NOT a bitumen cycleway on the waters edge and a patch of green for $625,000.00 that will attract ’spending’ folk to the waterfront 7 days a week. If you want folk of all ages, day in week out - an ample supply of convenient and visible parking, recreational opportunities for all ages (especially children), a point of difference and access to a good cup of coffee and a muffin! NO PARKING = NO PEOPLE! A visit to Rotorua last Sunday captures reality, unlike the Priority One mindset which compares the Strand to Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtoSP6ywQgM


Posted on 28-10-2011 12:41 | By TERMITE

@ Tomma Hawk Kid, so much truth and passion in what you say, sadly for all the mere minions in the CBD TCC can not help themselves but interfer. Sadly they actually think that they are making it ’better’ somehow although how that is possible completely escapes any comprehension. Keep it up with teh real words and lets hope more follow the obvious and ’rally against the machines’ do battle and run them out of the city centre! PS thre appears to be plenty of room at the Lakes, and few others to bother and annoy!

Does being successful mean they are well run?

Posted on 28-10-2011 09:14 | By The Tomahawk Kid

The markets are hugely successful judging by the number of people that sell their goods, and the number of people who GO THERE. AND they are NOT run by council! (that should say something right there!) as opposed to the CBD which is often a ghost town and IS run by the council! I know I dont have to tell you (but I will say it anyway!) that it is people doing business that attract buyers - NOT the council - they are just an expensive MIDDLE MAN skimming profit from the traders, and they are not necessary apart from providing the BASIC NECESSITIES (which could be covered in rates much lower than what is extorted from businesses in the CBD at present). High rates and rents are needed to pay for all the fleas on the dogs back like priority one, parking wardens and all the other unnecessary dross that council deem necessary to provide because misguided people keep demanding "whats the council going to do about it?" Time to wean yourselves OFF the council tit people and start doing stuff for yourselves again instead of paying inefficient bureaucracies through the nose for stuff you dont need.

@ T Kid

Posted on 28-10-2011 08:15 | By Tony

As long as they are well run and pay a commercial rent for the space.


Posted on 27-10-2011 23:41 | By The Tomahawk Kid

I say Bring on the markets Tony! It encourages people into the city, some of whom may loiter around to look at the shops too. People attract MORE people, so would help at least make the place LOOK alive. The large city I am from overseas still has a market right down the main street every Friday saturday and Sunday, and it attracts more people than ever. It adds to the citys vibrance rather than detract. You go to ANY of the weekend markets, and there are hundreds of people there - they are THRIVING - probably because it has nothing to do with the council and they are not robbing people to pay for the privilege of selling their wares. The only way council can get a share of those profits is to send their nasty little parking nazis out to issue a few tickets.


Posted on 27-10-2011 21:55 | By The KGB

I felt inspired by the passion the All Backs displayed. The way the country got behind them demonstrates how people are desperate for inspiration. Local politicians have the opportunity to do something special with our waterfront. I hope they consider whether they want to do something special or wallow in mediocracy with the latest offering. Please councillors show some courage, get passionate about getting the best outcome and the people will follow.

Sweepstake...Whos In ?

Posted on 27-10-2011 16:02 | By Tony

I think this is actually a damm good idea and needs to be done , I hope it dosnt end up covered with tens and tables everyweek end as some high profile "Market" were the stalls pay buga all in rent rates ect for the right to sell their trinkets . I hope it growns in to the heart of a vibarant downtown,I hope its well maintained and not left to drunks and idiots after dark.....I think it will be a real asset to our fine city..... But I bet ya it runs over budget by at 30 %......Anyone one in ???

Is this a joke?

Posted on 27-10-2011 15:08 | By wreck1080

Where are the cafe’s/bars etc? This is nothing like Wynyard quarter in Auckland. This will be like baypark stadium -- a job done on the cheap, but is really really poor. Wynward quarter is a complete destination. . . I’m not going to visit town for this. Save our money until we can afford a proper job.


Posted on 27-10-2011 13:14 | By DRONE

How that works is really simple actually, TCC pays money, more money until the commercial sector takes up the ideas of TCC, that does not make it "a commercial activity" it is in fact a "subsidy" to commercial activities to "make" them happen when they would not otherwise happen. PROVEN LEADERSHIP!

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