Crash driver grateful for help

A car in shrub near Maungatapu. Photos: Emma Campbell.

A woman involved in a crash near Maungatapu during rush hour traffic, is counting her lucky stars that no one was injured.

The car she was driving was seen in trees off the road on State Highway 29A, towards Maungatapu from Bayfair, around 7.30am yesterday.

The woman, who chose to not be named, says she's lucky to have escaped without injury.

“Traffic had stopped in front of me which caused me to brake suddenly.

“I was watching the car behind me and it looked as if there wasn't enough space behind me for that vehicle to slow down in time, so I began pulling off to the left to give them room.

“That car ended up hitting the rear of mine and because I was on an angle, the impact resulted in my car being flung off to the side of the road.”

She says she's grateful to a man named Thomas and a doctor who stopped to assist her.

“I want to give a big shout out to Thomas, he was absolutely lovely and so helpful.

“All I can say is the car in front of me had a very lucky day, if I hadn't been pointing left the crash could have been a lot worse for them.

“It just goes to show how unpredictable traffic can be but I am grateful of the fact there are some very nice people in this city.”



Posted on 08-12-2017 12:59 | By kinakat

While visiting Chile this year they all turn on hazard lights when stopping in built up traffic. Seemed to work really well I suppose it grabs the attention of cars following behind.maybe nz will follow .


Posted on 08-12-2017 12:11 | By maildrop

the Police will lay charges against the dangerous driver who was driving too close to the car in front??

Not paying attention....

Posted on 08-12-2017 09:43 | By Sandra77

If you had to brake suddenly to stop yourself rear ending the car in front of you then I would beg to differ that you were paying attention as per Road rage's comment and probably following too closely.

Great Result

Posted on 08-12-2017 07:48 | By Road Ranger

It just goes to show things happen so quickly out there when other people are NOT paying attention. You certainly did the right thing by turning your front wheels away from the car in front (at least you were paying attention). A safety thing I do if slowing down for any hazards (stopped traffic, road works, railway crossings, etc,) is to put my hazard lights. This warns other motorists that there is a hazard ahead.

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