Save water this summer

Tauranga residents are urged to think carefully about their water use this summer.

Tauranga City Council City Waters Manager Steve Burton said his team was expecting record water supply demands this year.

“We now have more people living here in Tauranga than ever before and this, combined with our recent dry spell and the predicted hot, dry summer, means our water supplies are under increasing pressure,” Mr Burton said.

“We need to be particularly mindful of our water use during the warmer months and make sure we're all doing our bit to conserve this precious resource.”

As the days heat up, many people start to water their lawns and gardens.

“Our outdoor water use is one of the major challenges we face over summer, but there are simple ways everyone can save water over the warmer months while still taking care of their gardens,” Mr Burton said.

“If you water your garden, make sure every drop counts – don't water the footpath, and restrict watering to the cooler hours of the day so the moisture doesn't evaporate. 

“Avoid using sprinklers and if you have a hand-held hose, make sure you use the water wisely.”

Mr Burton said Tauranga had been fortunate to avoid water restrictions since water meters were introduced in 2000.

“There's enough water this summer for everyone if we don't go overboard, so let's do our best to avoid water restrictions again this summer by conserving water wherever we can.”

Other water saving tips:

  •   •  Fix drips and leaks in and around your home.

  •   •  Use a broom, not a hose, to clean paths.

  •   •  Turn the hose off when moving around your property.

  •   •  Use a bucket to wash the car.

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