Mount hosts eye contact experiment

Locals are asked to share a full minute of eye contact with one another. Photo: Nikki South.

They say the eyes are the window to people's souls. Those taking part in an experiment at Mount Maunganui this weekend will be able to see if that's true or not.

Mount Maunganui is one of many locations worldwide that will be hosting the World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017.

More than 30,000 people, in 400 cities, across 73 countries around the world will participate in a global flash mob designed to rebuild a sense of human connection by inviting people to share a minute of eye contact in public.

Organiser Giselle Martins hopes the event will connect locals in the community.

“I hope to enhance human connection in our home town,” says Giselle.

“I hope people understand we are uniting not as countries, but as people of the Earth who want to improve the way we relate to one another with respect, compassion and love.

“This event reminds us that beyond our differences there is love and humanity. By sharing a minute of eye contact we show one another that deep down we are all from the same human family.

“The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment is a public experience that anyone can participate in.

“The idea is to build a friendly platform for our shared human connection to naturally rise in public.

“Doesn't matter which country you are from, or what religion you believe or which language you speak, but everyone is welcome to stand for peace.

“Let the eyes show the world that you care!”

She says she hopes the event will bring a sense of global connectedness.

“Just imagine the effect that is going to have on entire world when people from every country unite on this global day of peace.

“People will experience a sense of connection beyond ideas, words and similarities. They will feel we are all connected independent of lifestyle choices, nationality, culture etc. What else can benefit than a deep sense that we are not alone, we are all-one.”

The free local event will be hosted at Mount Drury beachside, 3pm Saturday September 23.

Local artists will be performing at the event, including Alice Sea who will play her magical songs and water and tea is also being provided by Fish Face Restaurant.

An official global invite has been posted to social media.

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Posted on 22-09-2017 16:43 | By Papamoaner

Is this by any chance organised by the scientology religion? Sitting cross legged and staring like that is what they did in the early 1960's

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