Search for missing men enters ninth day

A member of the Police National Dive Squad in one of the waterways of the Tongariro National Park. Supplied photo.

The police-coordinated search for two men missing in Tongariro National Park continues, with a police dog trained in search and rescue techniques rejoining the operation.

The search has now entered its ninth day, with volunteers from LandSAR and police scouring an area between Tree Trunk Gorge Road and the Pillars of Hercules.

Senior Sergeant Tony Jeurissen says the search area is thick with bush.

“We want to ensure we cover every piece of ground to locate any evidence which would assist us in finding the pair.

“We are grateful to the Police National Dive Squad, which completed its search of waterways yesterday.”

He says the weather today is in favour of the operation team, with conditions very clear.

“As we have said previously, we are determined to bring these men back to their whanau, many of whom are staying in nearby Turangi.

“We have a number of police iwi liaison officers supporting the families and ensuring they are updated on the progress of the search.”



Posted on 22-08-2017 09:04 | By Papamoaner

That's a fair explanation and I empathise with your view, but as I said earlier, a life is a life and this kind of experience has potential to do a massive brain re-boot, IF they survive, which seems very unlikely now. Police of course have no discretionary power in these instances, so are bound to continue the search until it becomes a recovery operation, which I guess is about now.


Posted on 21-08-2017 18:51 | By overit

On television it showed at least one of the boys(possibly both) was a Mongrel Mob prospect. One father who spoke appeared to be of the same ilk. It showed MM boys walking into the forest to look for their comrades, the same crowd berated the Police for inactivity in the search. When you belong to a gang it tries to replace "family", and get prospects to do bad stuff, hence my comment about Rangipo. Its ok I have broad shoulders.


Posted on 21-08-2017 17:09 | By Papamoaner

You crossed the line there old chap. A life is a life and families are waiting. Hopefully they don't read these threads.


Posted on 21-08-2017 16:48 | By dumbkof2

trust someone to bring racism into it. devo you are the racist by bringing it up


Posted on 21-08-2017 16:13 | By maildrop

They are taking some finding. Makes you wonder how long it can go on. I wonder how much this whole thing is costing, what with the dive squad, iwi liaison officers and all the other officers. (edited) the cost of all the work like this just gets lost in the system. Wrap it up.

Nasty comment overit

Posted on 21-08-2017 15:56 | By devo

No need to be racist in such a horrible time for the family's and sunlive you are a disgrace for publishing it.


Posted on 21-08-2017 15:34 | By waiknot

That's uncalled for


Posted on 21-08-2017 14:58 | By overit

"staying in nearby Turangi" - probably Rangipo.

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