Minor injuries in highway crash

Three crashes, one injury on Wednesday. File photo.

The driver of a car involved in a two car crash in which one vehicle flipped near Te Puke was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Emergency services were called to the scrash on Te Puke Highway at Rangiuru around 5.30pm.

“A vehicle had pulled off the road and as it pulled back onto the highway, failed to see a vehicle approaching from behind,” says Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion.

“A collision occurred, minor injury involved to the driver of the following vehicle.”

Police were also called to two other crashes overnight.

There were no injuries in the peak-hour crash, but Ian says speed is believed to be a factor in a two car crash at Domain Road/Tara Road at 8.28am.

A five car nose to tail on SH29A near Poike Road at 4.51pm was caused by a distracted driver failing to see that queued vehicles had stopped.

“He crashed into the rear of the fourth vehicle, which set off a chain fraction,” says Ian.


Not surprising

Posted on 22-08-2017 13:37 | By clingon

Have you never seen a chain fraction Greerton Boy? It is a link of a device used to hold farm gates closed and can be found in numerous places along our highways just waiting to be set off. What is more alarming is these cars that pull of the road and then pull back on without noticing noticing another vehicle following behind. These vehicles will create havoc if they find their own keys and start talking joy rides around the place and failing to notice other traffic-we must discipline and educate these vehicles immediately...

A chain fraction?

Posted on 17-08-2017 22:20 | By GreertonBoy

I would pay good money to see that? Maybe he would have been better off looking where he was going than doing whatever he was doing that was distracting him? Hmmmm... Let me guess....?? Dont worry, I am sure he will be behind the wheel of another car by now....

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