Tauranga pet shot with .22 rifle

Roari's leg had to be amputated due to the injury sustained in the shooting. Photo: Facebook.

The owners of a Bengal cat shot with a .22 rifle have been left dismayed at how someone can do such a thing.

Three-year-old Roari was staying at a friend’s in Taranaki while his owners, originally from Tauranga, were away on holiday, when he was shot.

The friend in care of Roari noticed he had a limp and a round puncture wound. He was taken to the vets.

Pet owner Rhozie Edmonds says she was contacted the next day where an x-ray discovered a .22 bullet inside of his right leg.

“The vet said we had three options, put him down, try remove the bullet and reconstruct any damage – the most expensive option which would also cause long term problems – or amputate,” says Rhozie.

His owners went ahead with the amputation and Roari was taken into care by the Rhozie’s mother in Tauranga, where his condition worsened and an infection developed.

Roari now requires a second surgery.

“I couldn’t bear to put him down [simply] because I didn’t have the finances to save him,” says Rhozie.

His injuries come after a similar incident occurred in the same week, where another Bengal was shot twice at a property in Christchurch.

Roari is currently at Tauranga Vets on Cameron Road. His vet bills are at $3000 and rising and are estimated to reach a total of $5000.

It is still unclear as to who may have shot Roari, says Rhozie.

His owners are now asking for donations to fund costs associated to Roari’s vet care, through their Givealittle Page.



Posted on 18-08-2017 09:17 | By Papamoaner

Get a fox terrier mate. I can guarantee cats will never come. They will sit on a high fence and try to stare the dog down, but they will never trespass once they know there’s a dog on deck By the way, did you know dogs are like people? You can tell a kind face from a bad face. Not sure about cats though.

Capitan Cruel

Posted on 18-08-2017 07:00 | By Ben Dover

I should think your poor neighbours would be horrified if they knew what sort of moron you were!

Don't blame the shooter, blame the victim.

Posted on 17-08-2017 16:05 | By R. Bell

what a reversal of sentiment, that is. The Donald would be proud of you cap’n. Tell us, did you shoot all the seagulls who crapped on your boat. Just asking. Robin Bell.

Captain S

Posted on 17-08-2017 10:37 | By comfortablynumb

I have had cats all my life and I have never had anyone banging on my door to tell me my cat had killed their pet. True they have bought dead birds though the cat flap as a prezzie for us which I admit is a shame but also many many rats and mice which isn’t a shame. The point is I personally would never shoot a cat that strayed onto my property and neither would my neighbours. In fact my cat used to sneak into my next door neighbours house and pinch her cats food so I bought her a child’s water gun and one squirt at my cat from my neighbour and problem solved. Also to little girl next door got a new toy out of it too.

@ Ben Dover

Posted on 17-08-2017 09:36 | By Captain Sensible

How about answering the questions that most cat lovers obviously avoid? Hmmm? BTW, I don’t have a cat because I am a responsible neighbour and would be horrified if I knew it was crapping on the surrounding properties or killing other pets/animals in the vicinity. Open your eyes and take responsibility instead of blaming everyone else.

captain cat hater!

Posted on 16-08-2017 21:55 | By Ben Dover

Lets face it You just hate cats!!

@ comfortablynumb

Posted on 16-08-2017 17:33 | By Captain Sensible

But how would you explain to the little girl next door that your cat wandered into her property and killed her pet because you didn’t want to keep it on your own property?

Cats have legs

Posted on 16-08-2017 14:33 | By comfortablynumb

Cats wander it’s what they do as they are curious by their nature. When I see a neighbours cat in our garden the last thing that crosses my mind is to shoot it. If I was of that ilk I would not like to try to explain my actions that I killed a pet belonging to the little girl next door.

@ Ben Dover

Posted on 16-08-2017 11:26 | By Captain Sensible

Is that how you behave when someone has a differing view to yourself?! Name calling....please!!....how old are you?!! Grow up and accept that some people dare to have a differing opinion!!!! I note you did not answer the question of what happens when your "defenceless" pussycat kills innocent defenceless birds, frogs, lizards, other peoples pets ( guinea pigs, fish, baby rabbits, baby chickens, etc etc) on someone elses property. Just grow up.

Captain gob shyte

Posted on 16-08-2017 08:55 | By Ben Dover

’Accept the consequences’ is enough for me to work out exactly where you stand in all this!

Balance and empathy

Posted on 16-08-2017 08:42 | By Papamoaner

There are valid comments on both sides, but my sympathy is more with people who have problems with neighbour’s cats. Cats kill for pleasure, even when well fed. But it’s an offence to discharge a firearm in those circumstances. Easy for me to say that because I have foxies who keep cats off my property, so I am able to weed my vege garden without uncovering cat shit. The birds are safe here too. There’s something "different" about some cat owners, reflected by the language used thus far on this thread.

@ Ben Dover

Posted on 16-08-2017 08:01 | By Captain Sensible

To be a cat owner, do you have to have no clue about comprehension? BTW, when the defenceless cat attacks someone else’s defenceless pet, is that OK? As for the clueless poster before you, where exactly did I condone this? Give me the quote.

To Captain dispensable!

Posted on 15-08-2017 20:14 | By Ben Dover

You should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself for condoning the hurt and injury to a defenseless animal caused by a cruel moronic excuse for a human being! Just as well for the millions of cat owners in this world that there are not many people like you around!

@ Chris

Posted on 15-08-2017 18:26 | By Captain Sensible

Please do a comprehension course before you embarrass yourself more. Please show me where I said it was OK. There’s $1000 for a charity of your choice if you can.

Cpt Lunatic

Posted on 15-08-2017 16:07 | By Chris

Cap, are you out of your mind? You’re perfectly OK with someone shooting a defenceless animal and beloved pet because it’s on your lawn? You need therapy, friend.

I agree Captain...

Posted on 15-08-2017 16:04 | By GreertonBoy

I like cats but they are terribly destructive when it comes to wildlife.... which they dont kill out of hunger, it is just what they do. People with dogs are expected to keep them under control... so should people with cats. I dont condone someone shooting a cat, but as sensible said, if the cat wasn’t wandering, it is highly unlikely it would have been shot at. Karma, Numb one? Well, for the wildlife the cat has destroyed, maybe this is karma? (for the cat)

@ comfortablynumb

Posted on 15-08-2017 13:42 | By Captain Sensible

There are also people who think it’s just fine for their cat to roam around and crap on other peoples property, sometimes terrorising other people’s pets ( guinea pigs, birds fish etc) and going through their neighbour’s rubbish bags. I am positive if this cat did not stray into someone else’s property, it would not have been shot at. Cat owners should take responsibility...as dog owners are expected to. If you accept your cat will go onto another property and cause mischief, then accept the consequences.


Posted on 15-08-2017 11:50 | By comfortablynumb

There are some real low life’s in this country who take pleasure in hurting defenceless animals. Shame on them and let’s hope some karma enters their worthless lives. Some vets bills are out of reach for a lot of people and the choice of having a beloved pet put down forced on you as surgery to save it is quite unaffordable to the owner is a ludicrous state of affairs.i hope enough money is raised to help this beautiful cat and its owner.

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