Protesters to march along SH2

Ngai Te Rangi chairman Charlie Tawhaio.

Hundreds of protesters are expected to march across Wairoa Bridge tomorrow.

The march is the third organised protest to show opposition to the government handing Bay of Plenty property rights to Waikato iwi, without consultation.

Tomorrow's march along State Highway 2 is a continuation from the protest in Kaitkati last week and the harbour protest on June 15.

The Hauraki collective is claiming redress through Treaty of Waitangi claims over two areas in Tauranga Moana.

Tauranga Moana iwi are fighting a plan by the Office of Treaty Settlements to sign a deal that will give rights in Tauranga to a collection of Hauraki iwi.

Ngai Te Rangi chairman Charlie Tawhaio previously told SunLive the Hauraki iwi are using dubious history to establish ownership rights where they have only ever had interests through some shared histories, marriages, previous individual residences. Since 1840 there has been no presence on an iwi basis, says Charlie.

Chair of the Hauraki Collective Paul Majurey says Tauranga iwi leadership agreed to those parts of the Pare Hauraki collective Treaty settlement which they are now protesting against.

Paul Majurey.

He says the negotiation team for Pare Hauraki - the 12 iwi of Hauraki - spent many months during 2012-2014 negotiating redress in the Tauranga harbour catchment area alongside leaders from Tauranga iwi.

“The Waitangi Tribunal's 2004 Tauranga Moana report confirmed the centuries old customary interests of Pare Hauraki in these areas. The Tribunal recognised the overlapping and shared interests between Pare Hauraki and Tauranga iwi. These findings have never been challenged by Tauranga iwi.

“Following this report, Treaty redress was negotiated and agreed between us.  Pare Hauraki and Tauranga iwi, for example, agreed the split of Athenree Forest (60:40 in favour of Pare Hauraki) and an equal number of first right of refusal properties in the area between Athenree and Te Puna. There is extensive documentation of these negotiations [see photo].

“Yet, we are now being accused of being ‘foreigners'.  It's strange that Tauranga iwi would spend years negotiating and reaching Treaty agreements with ‘outsiders' for areas well inside the Tauranga harbour catchment.

“Pare Hauraki are also being accused of trying to ‘take over' the harbour.  This is a reference to the co-governance entity for the harbour and catchments – the Tauranga Moana Governance Group," says Paul.

“Pare Hauraki have one seat of 10 on this governance group. We will be there because of our customary interests – as recognised by the Waitangi Tribunal.  Tauranga iwi leadership have known about our seat since 2014. They also knew this was the arrangement when they signed their collective settlement in 2015 which provided for this regime. 

“To be now accused of secret deals, of being foreigners and of taking over Tauranga is as bizarre and insulting as it is wrong. Pare Hauraki are the target of a Tauranga iwi PR campaign against our Treaty settlements. They have incited ill-temper which could escalate if left unchecked.

“The evolving Tauranga iwi story now claims a tikanga process (doing what is right) is required and that Pare Hauraki has ‘interests' but not ‘rights'.  Yet, throughout those 2012-14 joint negotiations, they recognised not only our interests but also our rights to Treaty redress.

“It is our tikanga to honour agreements. If that is not Tauranga's tikanga, no amount of talking on the marae will provide a solution. 

“Whatever the authenticity of any interests/rights distinction, the complex and interwoven nature of customary interests is real. If the Treaty settlement process does not accommodate shared and overlapping interests, there would be no settlements in many parts of the country. 

“Pare Hauraki has lost many of our old people since we began negotiations in 2009. It is a travesty they did not live to see what they put in motion. It is time for Tauranga iwi to shelve the PR stunts and honour their agreements. It is time for us to work together to protect the taonga to which we belong. It's time to settle.”

Protest schedule

From 9am to 10am, buses will carry protesters from Maramatanga Park to Te Puna Station Rd bend, before the Hikoi departs at 10.30am.

Protesters are expected to arrive at Taniwha Place for a mass haka and speeches around 12.15pm.


You miss the point minib,

Posted on 16-07-2017 16:03 | By R. Bell

it's not the opinion but the vitriol that accompanies it. Robin Bell.


Posted on 16-07-2017 13:42 | By Minib

Like you said everyone is entitled to their opinion, so why do you jump on people who's views are different to yours, not a rational statement.

Minib, when people like your friend, mackka,

Posted on 16-07-2017 13:09 | By R. Bell

insult anyone unjustly I will definitely call them out. You and he are entitled to your opinions, as am I. Mackka has a long history of such biased vitriol, that you wish to associate with that, is your choice. Robin Bell.

At it again@R Bell

Posted on 16-07-2017 11:59 | By Minib

It seems you make a habit of putting down people who have voiced an opinion on a subject that has anything to do with Maori, most unfair, as like I have said before everyone is allowed to have their say without been put down with the likes of yourself.I agree with Mackka.

This is so wrong!

Posted on 16-07-2017 10:18 | By TheCameltoeKid

I actually agree with why they're protesting. But blocking a state highway to do it is just plain dumb and ignorant! This is clearly obstructing traffic and is an offence under the law. Now the Police have a job to uphold the law and they must be seen to be doing their job. Maori are not winning any friends by doing this. There are better ways to protest!

Grow up macca,

Posted on 16-07-2017 09:32 | By R. Bell

you may well enjoy spewing out your disrespect for those involved in this protest, but they have the democratic right to do it. I agree with johndoe. Protest is civil action and has served the people of the world well. As for your support, or lack of it really WHO cares. Robin Bell.

As if ....

Posted on 15-07-2017 17:32 | By Mackka

... commuters on this stretch of road have not had enough to put up with in recent months! This latest lot of "Hooey" will hardly go down well when it comes to enhancing their cause, winning friends and influencing people. Do they really think that the general population care a fig about their petty tribal spats? They need to GET REAL! Keep their squabbles within their own backyards and stop inconveniencing the rest of us Kiwis - who are just as important as they think they are! One New Zealand - yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!

agree with Petersfield

Posted on 15-07-2017 16:52 | By old trucker

IT makes you bloody sick ah,last time that road was blocked the Blue line had the road blocked at bethlehem for the bikies, it was backed up to Omokoroa, will the blue line and TCCbe out there to give tickets for parking, me tinks not, they would be to scared to,its a MAIN ROAD for gods sake and this SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED and be held to ransom,my thoughts only on this ,and probably 1000s more like i think, Sunlive Thankyou, 10-4 out.

The old racisim tag

Posted on 15-07-2017 15:32 | By Barafat

Not surprising that when someone expresses an opinion that is not in line with those that supp0ort everything Maori the old "Racism" tag comes out. No wonder there is little debate around issues. So much easier to stifle it by calling those you disagree with as racists

@Colleen Spiro and johndoe

Posted on 15-07-2017 15:06 | By penguin

Oh you are so ignorant and incorrect in your assumptions! But never mind...

SH2 Protest

Posted on 15-07-2017 14:48 | By Petersfield

I think the commuters North of Tauranga have had enough of traffic congestion, just when we could travel a bit better on a Sunday to attend events we are going to be blockaded by a Maori protest, nothing to do with me just Maori fighting amongst themselves, so what is new. The State Highway is just that, a State Highway which is being hijacked on a Sunday morning, how dare they, what if someone requires urgent medical attention or will this be ignored. I protest strongly about these actions.

Maori March

Posted on 15-07-2017 14:25 | By PaulM

It is disappointing that these IWI disputes are used to take their family squabbles and tribal prejudices out on others.When will they ever grow up - never if money is concerned.Very sad - and bloody annoying for anybody on SH2 between 9am and noon !! tomorrow.There is no alternative route into Tauranga.


Posted on 15-07-2017 12:19 | By Colleen Spiro

Seems you have no understanding of the protest...You might find that you are affected if Hauraki get a foot in the door...and NO they don't alienate themselves from the rest of society, just ignorant people like yourself.

Protest penguin comments

Posted on 15-07-2017 11:54 | By johndoe

Obviously penguin is not the sort to passionately advocate on any issue. Protest action is civil action which actions have remedied many social injustices in societies around the world. Alienated from the racist groups in Tauranga, certainly.

The net result of these...

Posted on 15-07-2017 10:59 | By penguin protests is to alienate themselves from the rest of society. Seems they haven't worked that out yet.

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