Toddler saved from accused meth users

Three people are facing methamphetamine related charges following a meth bust earlier this month. File photo.

A tip off from private investigators led to police rescuing a baby from a meth-riddled motel room earlier this month.

The 19-month-old child required decontamination after the incident, while three people have been arrested and charged with various offences as a result of the raid.

International Private Investigations Limited were contacted by a member of the public, concerned for the wellbeing of a family member.

“We were contacted by a lady whose nephew had gone missing a month ago with his mother, who was sought by CYFs and police for child endangerment,” says a company spokesperson.

“We found the child within four hours in a Greerton motel with his mother. We got the police involved and they found him in the same room where his mother was smoking methamphetamine.”

He says their company has seen an increase in requests to find children who are being endangered by their own parents.

“We are getting so many calls from family members worried about kids. Meth takes such a hold of people's lives – I've never seen this level of addiction, where your parental instincts go out the window. It's such a scourge.”

Senior Sergeant Mark Pakes confirms they received credible information leading them to visit a motel to conduct inquiries.

“Following an assessment of the scene, police made three arrests and subsequently laid charges. A 24-year-old woman was charged with allowing premises to be used to use meth.

“A 47-year-old man was arrested in connection with outstanding warrants, and was also charged with possession of meth for supply, possession of meth utensils, and possession of cannabis utensils.

“A 27-year-old woman was charged with being in possession of meth and utensils,” says Mark.

“A 19-month-old child was located at the property and taken to hospital and later referred to welfare services.”

Due to the matter being before the courts, he says police are limited in what they can say.

“However, we would to thank the member of the public for providing information which enabled investigators to make these arrests and ensure the child's safety.”



Posted on 14-02-2017 07:47 | By Me again

that so much is written on the use of meth. and the damage that it does, but it is still available to the ones who probably should not afford it. The little one will probable be taken from the mum for a bit then go back to same scenario. Family of the mum will blame someone else ( govt ) for not looking after this person. And so it goes on.

Very sad indeed

Posted on 14-02-2017 05:55 | By maildrop

Apparently CYFs and Police were seeking them in respect of child endangerment?! They can't have been that concerned as they appear to have made little effort to track them. It is a shocking indictment of the state of CYFs and Police that a concerned family member has to pay for a private investigator to find them....and it took 4 hours! If they can't be bothered when a child is in danger then there is little wonder they can't find burglars and the like. Just rubbish.

So sad

Posted on 13-02-2017 12:49 | By overit

Anyone who dabbles in meth WILL ruin their lives. They just don't get it.

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