Guitarist wins London scholarship

A Papamoa guitarist has picked his way to the top and won both a half scholarship and the accolade of rock legend Steve Vai.

Gabe Dovaston received the half scholarship after finishing runner-up in the Steve Vai Scholarship worldwide guitar competition.

See video below by YouTube user fingerswontmove of Gabe Dovaston playing Freedom.

The half scholarship means he has to find a further £2500 for a one year Higher Diploma Guitar Course at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

“I didn’t win, but out of the whole world I came second,” says Gabe.

“Steve Vai chose me as runner-up, winning the partial scholarship, which is half the course paid.”

The musician first graduated from WINTEC with a Bachelor of Media Arts in commercial music in 2009 and later went on to receive a BMA Honours in April last year.

He begins study in London in October.



Posted on 21-06-2011 21:29 | By Lesleytga

Awesome Gabe. Congrats Wendy & Phillip, you must be SO proud!!!


Posted on 21-06-2011 18:46 | By The_Courier

Simply blown away, amazing Gabe keep it up and good luck for the future!

First class

Posted on 21-06-2011 13:36 | By Writerman

Well done, Gabe. I’m sure we’ll see and hear much more of this guy. But will it be heavy rock or jazz/rock where he makes his mark? My tip is the latter - he certainly has the skills.


Posted on 21-06-2011 12:49 | By bryceh

Congratulations, this is awesome!

Local Radio Wants You!

Posted on 21-06-2011 12:25 | By Locals

Please send all recorded tracks to us at Mt Maunganui’s Kiss-FM. This will get air-time alongside other ’like-minded’ guitar players on our Progressive Rock programme 9pm weeknights.

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