Housing NZ sharpens focus on meth

The country’s biggest landlord, Housing New Zealand, has sent the strongest possible message to state housing tenants warning of its zero tolerance to illegal activity on its properties.

And that especially includes the use and abuse of methamphetamine.

“While the issue of methamphetamine is high-profile right now, we have never tolerated illegal activity in homes,” says Housing NZ’s manager of chemical programmes, Charlie Mitchell.

“Our tenants are well aware of this. It’s not a new policy. To ensure we are fair to all tenants, we cannot make exceptions to this policy around meth use and cooking.”

Housing New Zealand’s zero tolerance approach to illegal activity on its properties includes drug use of any kind. And it’s sending a warning to tenants who might be participating in, or allowing, illegal activity in state homes.

As part of this increased focus, a Methamphetamine Programme has been established to improve the management of meth across the organisation. The programme involves NZ Police, community groups, health, councils and contractors.

“We have also been selected to sit on an important new committee created to improve standards around meth management,” says Charlie Mitchell.

“New standards will provide clearer guidelines to those involved in the methamphetamine decontamination process.”

The new standard (NZS 8510) will cover testing and remediation of properties contaminated by the ‘cooking’ or use of meth.

The current guidelines were written to address methamphetamine ‘cooking’ and not use, meaning they’re not entirely suitable for contamination that occurs through use of methamphetamine.

Housing New Zealand says the issue of methamphetamine and its damaging impact on property and is one that every landlord is grappling with.

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Posted on 06-09-2016 10:38 | By wannabeme

Whay are HNZ not doing 3 monthly checks on these properties like private rentals? Have never understood and yet these people are the worst offenders but they punish the good.

Gone With Them!

Posted on 06-09-2016 09:26 | By N@

I agree with drug testing! After all, it is us - the honest non drug using and hardworking tax payer that is contributing to this and other benefits for these people and what is the punishment for these culprits? Surely a slap on the wrist is not going to make them stop this behaviour. We should remove people from these benefit systems for good! We all make our own choices and cant blame anyone or anything for the bad decisions we make!

Drug Test

Posted on 06-09-2016 08:12 | By @)---}-

ANY AND ALL who are to live in a Housing NZ home should be drug tested. If you can afford drugs - you can afford to pay rent like the rest of the country.

Did I Miss Something ??

Posted on 06-09-2016 00:03 | By The Caveman

About FIVE years plus late with the little bit of policy...............

So what is actually happening then?

Posted on 05-09-2016 23:40 | By groutby

...reading this it seems that a "warning" is being sent....a committee is being set up to talk....and no specific details of probable outcomes/punishment for meth "cooks" or associates at all??...maybe I have missed something here?

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