Clarkson pushes for inquiry

Former Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson is pushing for a Commission of Inquiry into the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process and the government’s new Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill.

He believes the only people benefiting from the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process are Maori elite.

“It is not doing the average Maori any good,” says Bob.

“All the money goes to the heads of the Maori groups and they run around in their Lexus and their Mercedes.

“And the poor old Maori in the middle of the road is not getting any advantage at all.”

Bob is trying to organise a petition to get the inquiry launched.

He has also written letters to Prime Minister John Key expressing his opposition to the Marine and Coastal (Takutai Moana) Area Bill.

“(We are) asking for the answers of why he is doing this foreshore thing.”

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Whats in it for you BOB?

Posted on 07-04-2011 20:28 | By MINDER

Waitangi Settlements, Foreshore & Seabed Legislation and other racially based hand outs are out ana out rorts but when in Parliament people like Clarkson do not speak out against or identify these rorts.The separate Maori seats can go too in tandem with reducing total seats back to 80 when scrapping MMP.


Posted on 31-03-2011 22:07 | By TERMITE

You would think that the date to hand over the application would be important, in fact VERY important to know, guess it is a case of "see you in another three years Bob" if you are still around of course.


Posted on 30-03-2011 02:25 | By The Master

Only 92% against that is surely not a majority, even Labour ignored 92.4% support for tougher sentances for crimminals with a logical answer of "I don’t think we will do that ..." No surprise really.

The will of the people?

Posted on 25-03-2011 11:37 | By SpeakUp

92 % of people oppose this new FS & SB law. The select committee was made up ONLY of maori. National must be suicidal to go against ANYTHING their constituents elected them for. Just goes to show that politics in Wellington has left the democratic base and is evolving into a self-serving, corrupt, opportune and very detrimental oligarchy. This dishonesty, deceit and corruptness shown towards democratic opinion is nowadays standard. The FS & SB injustice is closely related to the pauperisation of the whole populace. Every one of us will pay a very very heavy price for the ruthless over-spending by recent governments, Labour and National alike. Just wait until they pour their cheap advertising over us at election time again. But people are waking up, slowly but surely, what has been done to them by most politicians of both flavours, grinning, baby-kissing, swaggering with self-importance, pretending to be knowledgeable and educated enough to govern our country, wanting your vote for their ideas. Who in politics acts like a true public servant these days? They think we serve them! We have been hoodwinked for considerable time and soon we all have to bear the consequences. And here is a quote for Bob Clarkson (you had your chance like so many others and blew it) and actually for all politicians without integrity: "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." -Abraham Lincoln- I would say that 92% is getting pretty close to “all”.


Posted on 24-03-2011 23:51 | By THE PELICAN BRIEF

In teh paper on the day the bill was passed, would seem like a bit of a late "rush" and of course pointless at that end of the process. Bob perhaps you should adopt a IWI become one and accept your share of the spoils form there as well.

Horses for courses!

Posted on 24-03-2011 18:05 | By monty111

Maybe bob should stick to things he knows about instead of getting involved in politics again. Thats why he failed as an MP because he let his mouth rule his brain.

Inquiry needed into Govt fullstop

Posted on 24-03-2011 16:15 | By

This country has more pressing issues than just the Foreshore and Seabed debate. The national government borrows $350 million every week. That’s the size of Tauranga city’s debt, but borrowed weekly. Makes the local debt look kind of small, and it’s shocking enough.

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