Body discovered on 17th Ave

The death of a person whose body was found in Tauranga is not being treated as suspicious. A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says he was walking on 17th Ave, near the Historic Village, when he saw several police officers in the bush area on...... Read More

Draft Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018 consultation

We are currently reviewing the bylaw that governs the consumption of alcohol in public places, including the alcohol-free areas in Tauranga. Consultation opens today on the draft Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018. Have your say Tauranga’s current Liquor-Free...... Read More

A new, future-proofed central library to be built

Tauranga City Council has agreed to invest in a new, future-proofed central library as part of the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 deliberations. The new facility will open at 91 Willow Street in 2022. The mayor and councillors considered submissions on the...... Read More

Last chance to apply for a rebate on your 2017/18

It’s nearly the end of the 2017/18 rating year. Have you applied for a rates rebate yet? If you’re a Tauranga homeowner on low income (e.g. around $30,000 gross annual household income), you could be eligible for a rates refund of up to...... Read More

Mauao’s Waikorire track temporarily closes

The Waikorire track on Mauao will temporarily close from today to protect the safety of visitors.  Rocks have fallen down the mountain onto the track today.  “While this isn’t a large slip, rockfall still poses a danger to...... Read More

2018-2028 Long Term Plan key decisions

Tauranga’s mayor and councillors have agreed to a provisional rates increase of 5.6 percent after two weeks of deliberations on the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (LTP). This figure includes the provision of rates-funded kerbside glass collections. ...... Read More

Council to introduce kerbside collection services

At deliberations on the Tauranga City Council 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (LTP) last week, the mayor and councillors collectively voted to introduce two kerbside recycling and rubbish collection services. Starting in October this year, an interim rates-funded...... Read More

Opinion Poll

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