Police seek to destroy gang patches

Members of Tauranga’s Filthy Few motorcycle gang are able to keep their patches despite police efforts to have the insignia confiscated and destroyed.

About 14 members of the gang appeared in Tauranga District Court this morning for sentencing after pleading guilty to unlawful assembly charges following an ’altercation’ in Matapihi on February 5.

Police prosecutor, Sergeant Sean Brennan, made an oral application during sentencing that Judge Louis Bidois order their patches be forfeited and destroyed.

“We are seeking a destruction order for the patches. This is a deliberate act to intimidate members of the public and the patches are used in that process,” says Sean.

Members of the Filthy Few were involved in an “altercation” with gang members from the Greasy Dogs in Matapihi on February 5 at about 11.30am.

At sentencing, police were unable to provide Judge Bidois the exact details of the altercation.

Judge Bidois was left to interpret this himself, which he says could be a range of acts including revving their motorcycle engines, verbal abuse, aggressive gestures or assault, although there was “no indication of that.”

He questioned whether it was the intention of the gang members to intimidate the public on that day, although he admitted it is possible they went there to engage in a confrontation with the Greasy Dogs.

Judge Bidois denied the request to have the patches seized but ordered the Filthy Few members to each pay $500 and court costs.

“This is going to cost the club a fair whack,” says Judge Bidois.

Defence lawyer Glenn Dixon also asked that police return property seized from his clients after the February 5 incident, but that was declined because Judge Bidois stated he did not have the power to approve that.

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At least the Filthy Few adhere to their principles as opposed to other gangs

Posted on 22-02-2011 08:33 | By

If thats the case, then lets also destroy National Party and Labour Party gang insignia also. If Im standing in the bank or the supermarket, I would much rather know I was standing behind a Filthy Few Member, or a member of the Labour Party, than NOT. What is the difference between the Filthy Few, and The National and Labour Parties anyway? They are ALL happy to ROB and STEAL and use FORCE on other people to get what they want. At least the Filthy Few are honest enough to blatantly state that they Rob and Steal and use force for THEMSELVES to benefit, as opposed to the other gangs who say they do it for YOUR own good.

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