Stats show Maori unfairly treated

Ministry of Health statistics show Maori are almost three times as likely as non-Maori to have experienced unfair treatment on the basis of ethnicity.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy says the statistics demonstrate why agencies need to do more to respond to racial discrimination.

Mihi Engagement Consulting director Ellis Bryers. Photo: Bruce Barnard.

The Ministry of Health has released its 2015 Maori Health Chartbook, Tatau Kahukura, which shows 12.4 per cent of Maori reported unfair treatment in the areas of health care, housing or work between 2011 and 2012, compared to 4.2 per cent of non-Maori.

Dame Susan says the figures were not surprising and organisations needed to take action to tackle discrimination.

“We need to understand the genesis of these problems,” she says. “They’re institutionalised, and organisations and agencies in particular need to address these issues.

“Sometimes it’s not even done intentionally – you know the care and treatment that’s offered to Maori is different to non-Maori.”

Dame Susan says some agencies were already responding, such as the New Zealand Police Force, which understood the likelihood of young Maori to be offenders was much higher than non-Maori.

Mihi Engagement Consulting brings non-Maori and Maori businesses together to share their expertise and achieve their objectives. Director Ellis Bryers says he is always saddened to hear of ethic discrimination.

“Especially in a country so culturally diverse as ours here in New Zealand,” says Ellis.  

While these statistics show many Maori experience unfair treatment, he believes the statistics will improve over time as the nation celebrates its unique identity.

Ellis says the feelings of inequality could be put down to a generational way of thinking as we work through the last stages of the impacts of colonisation.

“As all New Zealanders move more and more to accepting ethnic and cultural diversity, it’s my hope that these type of statistics will continue to ‘level off’

“Historically, the statistics indicating things like health and education haven’t been great for Maori compared to non-Maori. However, over time the stats are getting more towards the positive.

“I think that is because we as Maori are going from strength to strength in our capabilities and development and how we celebrate who we are, not just as Maori, but also as New Zealanders.

“I believe there are more and more quality role models coming through that are empowering not just our Maori people, but also teaching all New Zealanders just how fortunate we are to live here.

“It’s my hope that this will only continue to grow into the future”

Statistics in the Chartbook also showed Maori were more than 1.5 times more likely to have experienced ethnically motivated physical or verbal attacks, with more than a quarter of Maori men, or 26.9 per cent, having experienced such attacks.

Dame Susan says she congratulated Maori who had reported discrimination and urged more people to come forward as the Human Rights Commission could not take action if people did not complain.

“It’s really hard,” she admits. “I’d also urge people that are on the side-lines witnessing it to do something too and not to be bystanders, but to actually stand up for people who are being abused.

“Most of us don’t like to complain. It’s often very difficult to complain because you’re either humiliated, embarrassed or hurt and often the victim feels they are to blame.

“But I think we need to bring this out into the open because it’s really important that all New Zealanders who have experienced discrimination have an avenue to talk about it so the rest of New Zealand understands.”

Overall, 27 per cent of Maori adults reported having experienced racial discrimination compared to 14 per cent of non-Maori.

The Chartbook used data from the Ministry of Health’s 2011/12 New Zealand Health Survey.

Analysis in earlier health surveys have shown that experience of racial discrimination is associated with poor health outcomes and has an impact on a wide range of risk factors.

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Posted on 07-12-2015 22:28 | By Blessed

The person I spoke to must not have been well informed. cnt believe its been there since 1990, never heard of it b4 this.

Maori Ward

Posted on 07-12-2015 11:29 | By Tumeke Tauranga

At the Tga hospital the kaupapa ward is available to everyone but the service delivery is cogniscent of Maori and other cultures. Many of the staff are fluent in Te Reo and are also trained in culturally appropriate service delivery. It is also more accommodating for bigger families that want to visit which is why it also appeals to Pacific, Indian and other cultures where extended family groupings are a treasured way of showing care for one another. I think tino pai!

To Blessed

Posted on 06-12-2015 14:54 | By Kenworthlogger

Ward 2a is the Kaupapa maori ward at Tauranga hospital. Just google maori ward Tauranga Hospital and heaps of info comes up about it.

To Blessed

Posted on 05-12-2015 08:03 | By Jitter

I can only relate what was told to me by a staff member which was something like "There is a ward "Maori" can choose to go to if they wish which has beds set aside for them". I agree there are some non "Maori" who do not respect "Maori" culture but the reverse does apply also.

To jitter

Posted on 04-12-2015 15:07 | By Blessed

do not say maori dont respect other cultures. because MOST of us do. This is the problem. do not judge an entire race because of the actions of 1. i was treated the same and in the same ward as every1 else. the only problem i had was with 1 middle aged European woman. this was delt wit at the time. I kno for a fact not all Europeans r like her. The ’maori ward’ you talk about. I rang Tauranga hosptal. they have not herd of it??


Posted on 03-12-2015 16:52 | By Mommatum

Whateva! Susan Devoy does our people no favors by encouraging this kind of victim mentality. There are times when the world doesn’t go our way, but that’s how life is and it isn’t helpful for someone employed to help promote/encourage positive race relations in this country to encourage this kind of defeatist attitude. Not every personal setback is about race, and the discontented element amongst us need to know and understand that. Not helpful MaDame fact very unhelpful.

To Blessed

Posted on 03-12-2015 16:13 | By Jitter

Sorry mate I saw and heard as I stated and have seen and heard the same in another hospital. Recently as I stated there were up to 15 people visiting one "Maori" patient and the patient was not dead.A problem is that other cultures are expected to respect "Maori" culture but many "Maori" do not respect other cultures.


Posted on 03-12-2015 13:28 | By Blessed

I had a few stays in hospital, i stayed on a ward with every1 else, the only time Ive seen large numbers of maori taking up a ward is when someone has jst died.

Disapointing comments

Posted on 02-12-2015 20:18 | By Blessed

How can you comment when you have not experienced being treated differently jst because of the way you look?? There are SOME New Zealanders out there that do not like Maori people, and they will treat anyone of color as if they r beneath them. If you come across an employed person being degrading to you, Make a formal complaint to the employer. Yes it has happened to me, it disgusted me enough that i received a written apology, not cause i was maori, but because i put THAT person in their place. Treat every1 as you want to be treated. Understand other cultures. Maori culture brings thousands thru tourism. We work hard too and we are half European too. Put Maori or Iwi in a heading and u get reaction. how many of the people commenting in these articles are actually Maori?


Posted on 29-11-2015 14:23 | By Jitter

That’s what I recently experienced saw and heard firsthand so it is not just hearsay.

I'm sure you must be mistaken Jitter...

Posted on 28-11-2015 21:09 | By groutby

As we have no favouratism at all and indeed claimed unfair treatment for part Maori, how can this be so?...could we demand a recount on the number of visitors and indeed type of meal provided for such patient(s)? and, are you really saying there is a separatist ward in our publicly funded hospital environment paid for by all taxpayers?..nah..we can’t be that divisive....could we?

Recent Hospital Stay

Posted on 28-11-2015 14:18 | By Jitter

I spent some time in Tga Hospital recently and saw that "Maori" were treated the same if not better than other cultural groups. They had a separate ward to go to if they desired. The normal number of patient visitors allowed at one time was 3. Some "Maori" patients had up to 15 visitors at one time and nothing was said. Rules are there for a reason in this case not to disturb other patients. "Maori" seem to think that these rules do not apply to them.Some "Maori"groups took in boil ups for the patient, which was not pleasant for other patients. In another hospital I have seen "Maori" take over the patients lounge attached to a ward so that patients are unable to watch TV. These are not made up stories but facts. If staff ask these people to leave they are either ignored or abused. Fact again.


Posted on 27-11-2015 08:05 | By crazyhorse

’SO’ is right and this is a perfect example, statistics taken from 5 years ago, maybe the latest don’t suit the new "claims" of racism against "part" maori. Our race relations commisioner is asking more people to come forward on reporting racism, her office has never up held any complaints against ’part’ maori for racism against K1W1’s another example of double standards, mind you a woman that wants to ban christmas must have some real issues her self.


Posted on 26-11-2015 12:59 | By So

The stats won’t change as long as New Zealanders continue to accept political correctness!

How about,

Posted on 26-11-2015 10:45 | By robin bell

Crazy Australian residents butt out of our affairs.So who "spoon feeds" you crazyhoss? after all your surely the biggest "whinger of all". Robin Bell.


Posted on 26-11-2015 09:08 | By crazyhorse

People taking "responsibility" for themselves, I quess you don’t need to if you know that with a bit of whinging you will be "spoon fed".

Well no it doesn't Raw Prawn.

Posted on 25-11-2015 08:30 | By robin bell

Fact is most of the people in this world simply get on with life, including most Maori. Of course a small minority complain, have you noticed how the same whingers clog these columns, particularly when the words Maori or IWI appear. Robin Bell.


Posted on 21-11-2015 21:31 | By groutby

well yes it does...but only if you are of "certain" ethnicity...usual stuff here and even more predictable comments and quite frankly more bollocks from the Race relations commisioner, whom we only hear from when there appears to be a Maori "injustice". We have such poor "impartial" (hah!) support here that I have to wonder why the role exists, apart from having to make a somewhat biased comment from time to time to justify the position. So, in conclusion: Maori feel the need to complain about most stuff because they can,and "non-maori" just get on with life the way that it is..regardless of the ongoing charade that is "separatism’..just trying to be realistic here...


Posted on 20-11-2015 08:09 | By RawPrawn

If I SAY I’m being treated unfairly, does that prove that I AM being treated unfairly?

Ratz to the ABC Stats.

Posted on 16-11-2015 10:38 | By ROCCO

This is race based mumbo jumbo inciting racial discontent. Ms Devoy, Mr Bryers & Co should get together as a komiti and the discuss the self inflicted perceived injustices to their hearts content with the usual yak yak leaving the rest of us who are not interested in the nonsense out of the loop.Without getting the over the top publicity they are deprived of air and would quickly cease to show any interest in the topic.

@ Colleen Spiro

Posted on 16-11-2015 07:09 | By Plonker

What else do you expect, it is all garbage.

Water under the bridge.

Posted on 15-11-2015 13:57 | By What Next?

Far out! I cnnot believe what I have read on this matter. The 2015 report is giving stats for the time period of 2011 and 2012. Hello, its water under the bridge, gone, its now 2015. We heard this stuff back in 2011/2012, things are progressing since then! Stop highlighting any separations in the good folk of New Zealand! Its not a big country and we have a comfortable size population. Stop siting trouble with going on about 4 and 3 year old supposed stats! Live and love in the now!

Yes I was right

Posted on 15-11-2015 10:13 | By Colleen Spiro

The comments came spitting out of the mouths of most......SADLY.


Posted on 14-11-2015 21:12 | By Carcass

Maori have special priviledges in healthcare not available to other New Zealanders.they can visit patients outside hospital visiting hours not available to other New Zealanders.They have special access to High Dependency Units in hospitals and as many as they like not available to other for Susan Devoy she has a twisted view on sepratism.She must go to bed at night and dream up who can I blame this week about being a racist.I lent $150 to a Maori Mongrel Mob member to visit a dying family member he no money,he was trying to break the cycle I told him he had to pay me back which he did.Am I bad and racist for telling him he had to pay me back I am not sure where I would sit in the eyes of Susan Devoy.

Comical wisecheif

Posted on 14-11-2015 13:36 | By Kenworthlogger

Thanks for the great laugh. Im still wetting myself....

What the...?

Posted on 14-11-2015 13:17 | By Mossman

So 12.4% of Maori reported unfair treatment. Where in this article is the so-called unfair treatment described? As questioned in an earlier post, are doctors turning Maori (or anyone for that matter) away because of skin-colour, or similar? I somehow doubt it, and until I see some journalistic evidence to the contrary will assume this’article’ to be nothing more than a advertisement for Mihi Consulting - with full endorsement given by our vapid Race Relations Commissioner.


Posted on 14-11-2015 13:14 | By overit

What a lot of rot!

Ms Devoy

Posted on 14-11-2015 10:50 | By Nashville

Yet more wishy washy outspoken comments from the Race Relations Conciliator. Stats mean nothing if you can’t provide concrete examples of how the ’many disadvantaged’ are being treated. Are doctors refusing to treat Maori? Are they not being prescribed correct medicines? Are their wishes being overlooked? I have recently spent much time in Waikato Hospital in wards where the majority of clients were Maori and the treatment I viewed seemed identical to mine. And the Maori people seemed very happy with outcomes. Come on, facts not stats.

There are

Posted on 14-11-2015 10:39 | By How about this view!

many that put a lot of emphasis on "Statistics"... but let’s not forget that we can all use statistics to support any ridiculous notion that we can conceive. What do the crime statistics prove? If we tell ourselves that we are worthless for long enough and back it up with "statistics" at some stage it will become a reality. Let’s hear the positive stories about Maoridom. The stories that show that the right attitude towards education and work pays dividends.


Posted on 14-11-2015 10:34 | By Mackka

Sometimes Wise Chief you are entertaining but this time mate you have really outdone yourself. Thank you for the laugh :)


Posted on 14-11-2015 08:40 | By Wise Chief

Stats only show tip of a very large iceberg with regards to institutionalised 178 year long British Colonialist inspired, instituted long sustained Genocide policy towards Maori done using masses of laws and by-laws and just about any devious method they able to employ. This not only Maori problem but one which comprehensive research across all Commonwealth - ex Colonialist Colonies aka Countries is found. It is the GREATEST EVIL perpetrated upon a large majority of many once Sovereign Indigenous Nations of Mankind which shows no let up. Rather these Bankers & Eurocentric Funder’s and Profiteers of such Evil Regimes even though now rich beyond comprehension with vast hordes of wealth languishing in vaults banks and trusts across world will not lift a finger to share let alone disperse such ill gotten gains via tax system this stolen wealth to alleviate these now compounded visible problems. NZ same same.

Do the crime - do the time

Posted on 14-11-2015 08:10 | By Mackka

...... regardless of colour or creed!! It is as simple as that.

I'm Waiting

Posted on 14-11-2015 08:03 | By Colleen Spiro

For all the comments on this story.

yeah right

Posted on 14-11-2015 07:36 | By

my bottom lip is hanging ...

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