Otumoetai by any other macron

Posted on 15th Jun 2014 13:32 | By Andrew Campbell andrew@thesun.co.nz

The official spelling of Otumoetai is set to change with the addition of a macron – or dash – over the letter u making it Otūmoetai.     

Otumoetai is set to get a macron.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The New Zealand Geographic Board has decided after 150 years to ‘correct the spelling' of Otumoetai, which it says is the current recorded, but not official name.

The intention to change Otumoetai was Gazetted on June 5. It includes Otumoetai Suburb, Otumoetai Beach, Otumoetai Pa and the Otumoetai Channel. The board has naming jurisdiction over these types of places only.

Organisations such as schools and businesses will not be required to use the macron if they do not wish to.

If the macron is approved, signs, maps, charts, and tourist publications that refer to the suburb and the other names will be required to use the correct spelling, says Wendy Shaw, Secretary to the New Zealand Geographic Board, Land Information New Zealand.

The change will be gradual as the materials come up for renewal, updating and maintenance.

The board encourages public agencies to adopt the correct spelling of any official name, including macrons, hyphens, and duals in their materials as they come up for renewal.

There is no penalty involved for those that choose not to, says Wendy.

The board has legal powers to examine cases of doubtful spelling of names and determine the spelling to be adopted on official charts or official maps; to collect and encourage the use of original Māori names; and to seek advice from Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (the Māori Language Commission) on the correct spelling of any Māori name.

Otumoetai, which means Stand of the Sleeping Tide, will be changed to Otūmoetai with a macron after a submissions process.

Information about the proposals and how to make submissions on them is available here.

The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2014. The board will consider all submissions later in the year and final decisions will be made by either the board or the Minister for Land Information.

The Otumoetai suburb name proposal arose through association with the proposed name for Otumoetai Beach, says Wendy.

Discussion on the correct spelling for Otumoetai emerged from public consultation over the proposal to name the beach Stokes Beach, notified from November 14, 2013 to February 14, 2014, and also a public hui held in Tauranga on December 19, 2013.

Otumoetai Pa and Otumoetai Channel are included because the board wants consistent, accurate and standardised names, which is why it's proposing that all the Otumoetai geographic names be changed.

More information is available in the Otūmoetai Beach Proposal Report, which is publicly available on the Land Information New Zealand website here.

Maori language has had macrons since the late 1980s after Maori became an official language in New Zealand in 1987 with the Maori Language Act.

The agency responsible for the Act is The Maori Language Commission, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori. The NZ Geographic Board Act of 2008 requires it to seek advice from the commission on the correct spelling of any Maori name.

The orthographic conventions of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (the Māori Language Commission) are here.








Posted on 11-07-2014 13:54 | By YOGI BEAR

Don't give it back to them, can it I think is a much better idea.


Posted on 09-07-2014 14:23 | By GreertonBoy

While everyone is concentrating on these ridiculous little stories.... what is the gubbamint sneaking in the back door whilst everyones mind is off the big picture?


Posted on 08-07-2014 21:02 | By ROCCO

Otumo~etai now that has come as a revelation because I had always thought of it Ohtoomytie but the macron will increase that to idiotic Ohmytwotie.Hell its all to hard lets leave it to the drongos at NZGB and PeeCee Race Relations dogooders.


Posted on 08-07-2014 14:23 | By YOGI BEAR

The 10 items posted are as history actually records it, even Maori history recorded by Maori verifies this. However the "history" created since and especially since 1975 and via the Waitangi Tribunal is something completely different. happy reading. PS Ms Frost has not yet replied, I wonder why?

Just wondering

Posted on 07-07-2014 23:53 | By GreertonBoy

Is there any writings in Maori from before the Europeans arrived, I mean writing on paper or carved showing these charactors? Or is the written Maori word how the Europeans put our alphabet to the spoken Maori word? I just cant see how the Maori got to have a written language using European letters? Why not to save the expense of replacing entire signs, add the 'correct' spelling underneath the European spelling that we all have known for ever. This could be done very attractively and would show respect for the Maori people, without having to replace every sign and building frontage with the 'incorrect' spelling?

Why not

Posted on 06-07-2014 19:08 | By GreertonBoy

Just ask a teenager to text message a spelling of the name, then we can use that and everyone can spell it that way and save all of the money spent on changing words for no good reason. Pretty soon we will drive into maccas and ask for a burger and they will say "do you want macrons with that?" Bahhh.... what a load of .....tripe! How about concentrating on something important for a change


Posted on 05-07-2014 09:42 | By crazyhorse

So now there is a "separate" legal system for maori, where will this end, if ever?. Korotangi Paki , son the Maori King Tuheitia, has been discharged without conviction after going on a burglary and theft spree, all the while being on bail for drink driving. They say he has made amends, by the smirk on his face as he leaves court it is obvious what he thinks of the whole thing, fits in perfectly with whats happening everywhere else around the country. "Lies" told to get him off, he is to succeed his father as king, " eldest son, Whatumoana Paki, had been groomed from a very young age to one day rule. It is expected Paki will face more backlash over derogatory comments against Asians and using the Nazi slogan "Sieg Heil" on Facebook. Also it had been said in court Paki had apologised to victims, ""lie"".


Posted on 02-07-2014 17:16 | By YOGI BEAR

Crazy Steed, that is because those who state it have no longer got anything valid to respond with so resort to the usual "you are racist" catch all slogan as the only means of reply that they have left. What it really means is "Got me ..." or "I have nothing more of any value at all to add to this conversation of a factual basis ...". I think that about covers it.


Posted on 01-07-2014 19:30 | By crazyhorse

Why is it only white people can be racist, Buddy wont get back on this to busy in talks with the Rena people, that wreck has to come off there Buddy,for your "mana".


Posted on 01-07-2014 18:34 | By YOGI BEAR

Two years ago, yes Overit I saw the same and still waiting for it all to be broadcast.


Posted on 29-06-2014 18:34 | By overit

What Buddy and be subjected to intimidation and death threats etc (of which I saw at the Armitage Hotel 2yrs ago when there was a public meeting on the Treaty). No thanks, at the end of the day its the message that is important. When Pakeha comment we are labelled 'racists'. Now that is offensive to me.


Posted on 28-06-2014 09:41 | By Buddy Mikaere

Uh oh - I see the same spineless anonymous contributors are hard at work here again. Make your comments up front cowards.


Posted on 26-06-2014 19:12 | By overit

I wish Maori would stop disrespecting the English language. "They go on the car", "get a bread", "oncle", "you's", "bro", to name a few. Interesting eh!

Dear Robin

Posted on 26-06-2014 11:30 | By YOGI BEAR

Of course you are right on the "bogged down" bit, however this is unavoidable as clearly you are not aware of NZ history, you are aware of "something else". This is what delays and bogs things down.

The point,

Posted on 25-06-2014 11:26 | By robin bell

just like our major plitical parties,we are bogged down,on unimportant reflections of narrow minds.In this case macrons.Our resident 'comic' Yogi Bore has flipped his lid completely. His soul-mate the crazy Mirkin reckons wev'e all missed the point,not so. Your point has never changed guys.Attack, anything remotely involving Maori,(money).Anything that involves National or Local government,(money).Anything that may 'assist' your extreme right-wing,selfish political strategy,(money)and anything that opposes your narrow minded overview of 'democracy..How's it going so far guys? The threshold looms. One percent won't do it. Robin Bell.

Macrons and things

Posted on 24-06-2014 21:47 | By YOGI BEAR

Next we will have < > and god forbid ^, what will be next = or something. Unlikely?

What to do,

Posted on 24-06-2014 12:51 | By robin bell

with all the 'money' yogi claims I get. Just like his other claims it is baseless. Now he's lost his way again,since when did 'history' have a macron in it? Give it away yogi,your just not up to it. Wandering off the subject,nothing to add. I suggest your 'political' mates get another spokesman. Robin Bell.

150 years to

Posted on 24-06-2014 08:45 | By Jeromy Murkin

Everyone has missed the real point here, read this bit carfully, (Otumoetai, which means Stand of the Sleeping Tide, will be changed to Ot?moetai with a macron after a submissions process.) why have public submissions if it is a done deal,on top of that the article said (current recorded, but not official name.) OT2UMOETAI,another question, who pays and how much, also who exactly is on the National Geographic Board, this macron thing is nothing but they seem to have a bit of attitude, 1 more unelected board of no alls making decisions for who,thats the question who.

Robin's many versions History?

Posted on 23-06-2014 21:45 | By YOGI BEAR

Oh that's right there is just one, unfortunately no one else knows what that history is until it emerges from the Whaitangi Tribunal. It could be anything and likely will be with a hefty cheque attached for yours truly. Tell me again Robin what history says today, I am unsure because yesterday was different to the day before ...

Filling the gap,

Posted on 23-06-2014 20:24 | By robin bell

between your ears yogi.That Ali Express use Google translate is irrelevant,fact is its even more proof that Te Reo is accepted as a stand alone language.( not by you of course).Maori word for home=whare.Garden=mara with a macron over the "a".Automotive (French)introduced to the English language,as well as the Maori language.Beauty=ataahua with macron over first "a".Health=hauora.I'm quite happy to keep educating you yogi.Just let me know.You don't deserve it,but who knows,one day you may see the light. Robin Bell.


Posted on 23-06-2014 13:58 | By Anbob

I am not a phonetician but my simplistic view is: Otumoetai is word spelt in English, with Maori pronunciation. Teach people to pronounce it correctly, but does the spelling really have to be that correct! I don't see this as a race/culture debate but one of common sense. If Maori want Te Reo accepted more widely in mainstream NZ they should be complaining as much as anyone about keeping it simple to say and even simpler to write! My opinion, I would rather see the budget that goes to the Geographic Board used for a useful purpose say to reduce the hospital waiting list or even to promote Te Reo without causing the disharmony as is evident in the feedback. Implementing the Board's recommendation is a waste of money when considering the more urgent needs of the community.

To use Macrons or not.

Posted on 23-06-2014 13:31 | By robin bell

that is the question.Given a macron is to extend the pronunciation of a vowel,would the word ole with the macron over the "e" become ole without the "h"? If so,the Waikato fans have gotten it wrong for years,and poor old yogi has fallen in it,yet again Robin Bell.

The essence,

Posted on 23-06-2014 13:17 | By robin bell

of a meaningful debate,your up to your stupid games again yogi. Who, in their right mind,would debate with a "wanna be" politician. One without the guts to put their name to their veiw. One quite prepared to sink to dishonesty to gain advantage. One who consistently attacks all things Maori,with total disregard to the truth of history. One who never,ever shows proof of his claims.Preferring to rely on the rantings of the few of like mind. Check your comment 19-6-2014 -oo:21 and tell me again about wandering off the subject,and racial abuse. Robin Bell.

Ali express

Posted on 23-06-2014 12:06 | By YOGI BEAR

Robin, I guess your limitations are exposed again h ere also, You are right in one sense that Maori is available for that site, but it is not the site it is Google. If you look a little further you will see that they also have Giddish, Pundrabe, yetish and Zulu but they are all run from Google translate. Interesting though that the shopping experience in Maori will be very limited as there is no word for:- electronic, automotive, home, garden, beauty and health, baby care or oral hygiene, so the options to buy are shall we say very limited aren't they, oh that's right you can just invent stuff as you go to fill the gaps.


Posted on 23-06-2014 10:09 | By YOGI BEAR

The essence of a meaningful debate is that the persons involved are able to remain on subject, to deviate off sideways to things like race, racist and the like does not help at all. Could I recommend that you join the Tauranga Debating Club so as to assist us all with this.


Posted on 23-06-2014 08:59 | By robin bell

an opinion or judgment formed without due consideration.So yogi your guilty as charged.Nothing to do with starting with a name,in any event you cannot be proud of yours or you would use it.Where do you get your info? 97,8% indeed. Most Maori alone either speak or want to speak their language.That you don't is an indictment on you,but indicative of your prejudice. Carpedium,is also wrong,When in Rome and all that. Even on the Chinese purchasing site Ali Express you can order in the Maori language. How advanced are they? Don't worry, you will catch up one day,or not. Robin Bell.


Posted on 22-06-2014 16:07 | By YOGI BEAR

The prejudice starts with a name doesn't it Robin, cant handle that for starters.


Posted on 22-06-2014 11:44 | By YOGI BEAR

Agree, I would think that best and fair that those who want it pay for it. Also agree that 97.8% of those living in NZ have no interest in Maori, don't speak any don't write any so would seem to be pandering to a minority on race based grounds.

@ Robin

Posted on 22-06-2014 11:42 | By YOGI BEAR

I am already in politics, so I challenge you to come and join me, think of it as your "enlightenment" to learn about those things that you deny.

HUGE waste of money

Posted on 21-06-2014 16:11 | By carpedeum

Good grief can we not find a better use for taxpayers ( and ratepayers) money than spending it on this ?? I Anglicize any language other than English- e.g.- I say go to Paris ( not Paree) go to Munich ( not Munchin) as I speak neither French nor German also dont speak Maori- so this will make no difference to most of us.

Third option for yogi,

Posted on 21-06-2014 12:33 | By robin bell

drop your prejudiced overview,throw away your silly name,take up politics and see how much backing you really have. Only then will anyone take you seriously.have you got the balls for it yogi? NAH! Robin Bell.

Many thanks Te Ponui,

Posted on 20-06-2014 17:11 | By robin bell

I understand Buddy,It does seem senseless to try to educate the ignorant.People who don't have the courage of their convictions.People who are deliberately spreading lies and fantasy.People so devoid of common sense,they truly believe the rubbish they write.Then resort to insult and threats to "save face".Like you Te Ponui,I enjoy making fools of them,and believe its important.Cheers, Robin Bell

Tauranga will be next

Posted on 20-06-2014 09:47 | By ow

So you lot can be taught how to correctly pronounce Tauranga with a macron above the "u"


Posted on 19-06-2014 21:56 | By Te Ponui

some of the Yogis chose to ignore and remain ignorant. Thankfully the likes of you sir are able to offer their point of view. for this I thank you. I remember Buddy asking'how can you keep doing this?' but I think it would be far worse to leave the extremists unchallenged so I too chose to offer my point of view. Otherwise, the kiwi public might begin to think the extremists are right in all their kaka. Please continue to educate the ignorant.

Dear oh! dear,where will it all end?

Posted on 19-06-2014 21:44 | By YOGI BEAR

Robin, really there is only two options here as I see it, Maori embrace NZ history for what it is and so stop creating it to suit a desired outcome at the Waitangi Tribunal, or at some point the passive masses will become aware of what really happened there and there will be a reaction and some.

The reason this

Posted on 19-06-2014 20:20 | By robin bell

is a kiwi is my love for this wonderful nation,Maori, Pakeha and everyone in between.Not too fond of the extremists with silly names though.You know names like Yogi bear etc.Dear oh! dear,where will it all end?

Its little wonder,

Posted on 19-06-2014 13:38 | By robin bell

you hide behind a rediculous nickname,yogi old chap.Is that the best you can do? You seem to know more about me,than I do.How interesting.Perhaps you would consider writing me a reference to add to my C.V.With your imagination and ability to "twist the truth",I can't wait to read it all. Robin Bell.


Posted on 19-06-2014 00:21 | By YOGI BEAR

Born and raised in the UK, status "Pom", classification "pom", nature "pom" the rest is lost in translation, but one thing has emerged of late, he was meant to get off the boat in Sydney but forgot and ended up here.


Posted on 17-06-2014 19:43 | By Te Ponui

bit by bit we will educate the uneducated. Maori are here to stay and will continue to ensure our culture is correctly recognised by ALL who chose to stay here. If that means your language needs to be corrected for pronunciation then so be it. The cost of this will be minimal


Posted on 17-06-2014 10:25 | By YOGI BEAR

Such comments don't help the discussion at all, if anything they are self destructive.

Macrons or

Posted on 17-06-2014 08:50 | By robin bell

personal choice I guess.The N.Z.G.B.is there to help those who don't pronounce place names correctly. Of course it won't work with you lot/few,and you will never grow up. Robin Bell.

@ The Caveman

Posted on 16-06-2014 17:29 | By YOGI BEAR

Agree with that, it works, it is good, it is known to all so now lets change it ... PS I have no idea where Whanganui is but I do now where Wanganui is.

More PC Rubbish

Posted on 16-06-2014 14:47 | By The Caveman

Maori was never a written language - until the ENGLISH arrived. The spoken word was then written as it sounded to the English settlers - thus we have had over 200 years of the spoken Maori written in English .......... no need to change 200 years of custom

NZGB decision?

Posted on 16-06-2014 12:38 | By YOGI BEAR

So who is paying for this playing around, the cost will be many hundreds of thousands, a typical main highway sign will be about $10-15,000 each, the prices are crazy ... so who is paying? IWI from the WTF settlements paid out already?


Posted on 16-06-2014 12:13 | By maccachic

LOL at "By $10 Tauranga" generally that is how language and life evolves.

Getting it right!

Posted on 16-06-2014 12:03 | By Reweti

Great! About time! Obviously there are a lot of people who believe that we should continue to do things wrong! That's corwardly behaviour, if something is not right should we make it right? Is that not our responsibility as people who live and come from Ot?moetai and from NZ to do what is right? or is it what is white? Ashamed that these people still live in our country! Get a life stop your Maori bashing!!


Posted on 16-06-2014 08:16 | By Capt_Kaveman

where is this place ive never seen it as the district is either Brookfield/Bellevue/Cherrywood/Bureta

Cultural Education

Posted on 16-06-2014 07:56 | By $10 Tauranga

If something has been done a particular way for centuries does this make it right? To install macrons on your computer use this link: https://www.stat.auckland.ac.nz/~kimihia/maori-keyboard. To find out why to use macrons: http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/english/faq/lang.shtml

What next

Posted on 16-06-2014 07:14 | By Johnney

Before Captain Cook arrived Maori where made up of several tribes fighting and killing each other. When did they sit down together to be united on their spelling. Just further pandering to make it more an us/them society.

Has anyone complained?....

Posted on 15-06-2014 22:33 | By groutby

About the spelling of Otumoetai?..if so I can only assume it is a group of people with nothing more to do then to be paid to raise problems that were not there yesterday..??.if indeed it was raised by the National Geographic Board, then methinks they should get something else to concentrate on to maintain taxpayer salaries..have you listened to the way radio or TV announcers are trying to say various words after a regular "tune up" from a "PC pillock" who thinks there are different ways to say the same placenames or word(s)..??..it sounds terrible. New interpretations "pop up" every day of the places we have known for years....and even sadder, correct English diction for many words is suffering as a result.

Oh no

Posted on 15-06-2014 20:44 | By noodle

The sky is falling.

Forget it

Posted on 15-06-2014 19:59 | By KwiSteve

If its been that way for 150 years, an Maori have spelt it OTUMOETAI, and Maori teachers have taught it, as OTUMOETAI, why change it? When is all this BS going to stop? How much is it going to cost companies to change the spelling on maps? I live in OTUMOETAI, sometimes travel to WANGANUI, and I find New Zealand a marvellous place to live in!

Crazy just got crazier!

Posted on 15-06-2014 18:52 | By Murray.Guy

Is their someone who can tell us why? My computer keys don't have a thingee above the u! What the hell is going on and what has macrons got to do with Maori language given it is English we write, Maori some speak?


Posted on 15-06-2014 17:52 | By penguin

And the attempts to use the Maori language in European titles and names is rather laughable. Since when did Maori have words for technology, Inland Revenue, Bank of NZ (signs in the bank) and all the other plethora of European words?


Posted on 15-06-2014 17:27 | By overit

More PC bull****.

Hands up who knows what a macron does.

Posted on 15-06-2014 17:00 | By s83cruiser

What a load of cobblers. Isn't it just as well, New Zealanders have deep pockets so that idiots can keep dipping into them to spend fortunes on BS like this. Surely there are bigger issues in New Zealand that need addressing before we start spending this sort of money on what is no more than a dash above a letter commonly a vowel. If the Maori (sorry can't find the macron on my keyboard)language doesn't contain an S then I'm dam sure it never had macron's either. Just PC BS .


Posted on 15-06-2014 16:42 | By Mary Faith

NZ Geographic Board appears to be 'manned' by stuffed shirts with nothing better to do than nit pick at words that have stood the test of time for centuries! Whoever had heard of a 'macron' until this week? And .. how many people have a 'macron' on their key boards? This 'macron' thing sounds like a very expensive little dash!! Interesting to note in the above article that on occasion the 'macron' appears above the letter 'a' in the word Maori? Problem in the future will be - to 'macron' or not to 'macron' !! How silly!!

Invoke K.I.S.S. principle

Posted on 15-06-2014 15:11 | By Ratepayer

So now submissions, public/Government documents, and books are going to get cluttered with macrons? A spell-check nightmare. Conclusion: None of this nonsense is needed.

waste of money

Posted on 15-06-2014 15:03 | By Captain Sensible

Anyone would think that maori had their own alphabet before the Europeans arrived who then translated all the maori words using the english alphabet. Another exercise in the popular maori past-time of make-it-up-as-you-go at the taxpayers expense.

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