General Elections - September 2017


Bay of Plenty

  Angela Warren-Clark, Labour Party

The Bay is a great place to live and raise a family. Our community is growing and everyone is working hard to build a future and get ahead. But some are still doing it tough, and those are the families that I see first-hand in my role as Tauranga Women's Refuge Manager. Our vulnerable families simply can't find safe and affordable homes, they can't find jobs that pay a decent wage and they can't access affordable health care. That's not the New Zealand I know. 

It's time for change. A Labour government will tackle the housing crisis by building more affordable homes and stopping overseas speculators. We will invest in our regions by tackling infrastructure issues, like roading and bringing back rail between Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga.  

I'm passionate about the Bay and I'm an experienced advocate for our community. Support me and Labour for a fairer, better New Zealand. 



Bruce Carley, ACT Party

Bruce Carley is standing for ACT in the Bay of Plenty electorate, but is campaigning only for your party vote. This is his second election with ACT; he was a list-only candidate in 2014.

Bruce has worked in communications management roles for 30 years, mainly in technology businesses. Until recently, he owned a brand development business, helping small businesses and community organisations get established. He now manages marketing and communications for a chain of outdoor power equipment stores across Waikato and BOP.

Bruce and ACT firmly believe in personal freedom, self-responsibility and the free market. Kiwis should be able to determine their own path, with as little interference as possible. Governments should protect people's assets and freedoms, not limit them. No government can do a better job of running a household or business, or of looking after their environment, than those who invest their own time, effort and passion.



Todd Muller, National Party

I'm Todd Muller, National's MP for Bay of Plenty. I moved to the Bay as a young boy and my life has been shaped by this extraordinary place. That is why my wife Michelle and I chose to raise our own family here. It has been an absolute privilege to represent the Bay of Plenty in Parliament over the past three years and to contribute to our community which has given my family and I so much opportunity. I've been working hard on your behalf to deliver the results that our community expects and deserves – two new schools, new classrooms for nine local schools, 69 more police officers, and a record investment in vital infrastructure.

 I'm proud of the investment that has been made in our region and will continue to passionately advocate for those who call the Bay home. Thank you for your continued support.





Tamati Coffey, Labour Party

Tihei Mauriora! As the Labour candidate in the Maori electorate of Waiariki, I am committed to helping change outcomes for Maori. All Maori will benefit from Labour's plans to build more affordable houses and ensure all NZ houses are warm and dry. We will tackle our homelessness crisis by building houses and ring fence funding for mental health for those that need support. Polluters and commercial operators will contribute for the water they take, and that money will go into cleaning up our precious Lakes and Rivers. Whanau who want to take up higher education, can, by getting three free years of tertiary education. On current polls, an unprecedented 12 Maori Labour MPs are set to come into Parliament, with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our whanau, hapu and iwi. There is a generational shift happening in New Zealand politics and whilst we acknowledge the past, it's time to move boldly into the future. Hoake tatou!


Te Ururoa Flavell, The Maori Party

Tena koutou katoa.

I am honoured to once again seek your support to remain as your MP for Waiariki. I continue to devote my life to ensuring an independent Maori voice in Parliament for our people. My focus remains the same – whanau first. What is good for Maori, is great for Aotearoa. In recent years the Maori Party secured over $400 million to support whanau, gained $17m per annum for Maori housing and got 3,500 rangatahi into apprenticeships and jobs. More recently, we gained a statutory pardon for Rua Kenana and launched Rotorua as the first official bilingual city

The decision, e hoa ma, is in your hands. This election is about a safe pair of hands – kaupapa Maori, ringa raupa! I'm asking for your two ticks at the ballot box. I'm asking you to holdfast to our vision of rangatiratanga. Trust ourselves. Make it Maori, Make it Maori

Na Te Ururoa Flavell




Ben Rickard, UnitedFuture Party

I'm a Tauranga local, having grown up in Welcome Bay and attending Tauranga Boys College. Now 40 and with 2 young kids I'm passionate about making sure they have the opportunities and lifestyle that I enjoyed growing up here. Is that a concern for you too? That's why I'm asking you to vote UnitedFuture with your list vote. We have a proven track record of supporting a stable government, having worked with both Labour and National over the past 18 years. We want to see that future generations of Kiwis get a fair deal from our economy, for our environment and for our communities. We will develop a 20 year plan for New Zealand that all government departments will need to comply with when developing new policy. And we will make sure every new piece of legislation meets our test that it must provide a better deal for future generations. We're unlikely to get to the 5% required for parliamentary representation this term, but if you're a parent or a grandparent and are also concerned about the future for our kids, vote UnitedFuture to send this message to the next government. Help us change politicians' short term focus and make the right decisions for our future generations.



Clayton Mitchell, NZ First Party

“I am New Zealand First because we advocate for fairness and justice for all.” New Zealand First has always believed in one law for all. This, along with a passion for my local community and New Zealand at large, has contributed to my commitment to New Zealand First and its common sense policies. We need to create wealth for New Zealanders; stand up to globalist multinationals and ensure they pay their fair share of tax. We must build our economy from the bottom-up, putting New Zealand and all New Zealanders first again. We believe we should not be selling off our State-owned assets, or allow offshore foreign speculators to buy our precious housing stock or land. We believe that water is the lifeblood of our environment and country. Water should not be owned by any single group, organisation, or person.



Emma-Leigh Hodge, Green Party

Emma-Leigh Hodge is a Psychology Ph.D. University student, based in Tauranga since 2010, standing as a first-time candidate this election to raise the Green's Party Vote.

“I'm working towards an academic career, so for me, policy that is evidence-based is crucial. That's what I like about the development of policy within the Green Party, it is evidence-based and it is democratic”.

The Greens are the only Party that view environmental protection and looking after our communities as two inseparable goals. The economy is important, but if we cannot use it to facilitate both of those things, then it is not working.

Together with Labour, because we have been very clear about coalition partners, the Greens will be a significant driving force in the next New Zealand government. Only the Greens have the credentials and the plan to address climate change, clean up our waterways, and bridge the ever-widening inequality gap.

Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Level 1, 17 Garrett St, Wellington. PO Box 11652



Jan Tinetti, Labour Party

Jan is currently the principal of Merivale School, Tauranga's sole decile 1 school. Throughout her career in education, she has fiercely advocated at a national level for equal educational opportunities. After seeing families struggling in her local community, she has campaigned for them to access "the basics".

Jan believes that all New Zealanders, regardless of their background, deserve the opportunity to be the best they can be. As a Labour Member of Parliament Jan is looking to continue the fight for; warm, dry and affordable homes for all who need them, a world class, free education system for all, dignity at work, and access to good quality health services for everyone.

She is proud to be standing for Labour as we work together to achieve the aspiration for all New Zealanders to have access to the Kiwi Dream. Let's do this!



Rusty Kane, Independent

I will be contesting the Tauranga seat as your Independent voice in September 2017's General Election under MMP. A system which we were told was better for us, but places the power in the hands of the major parties and not us, the people it's meant to represent. I favour a political system where citizens and not politicians decide on major issues affecting themselves and their country, such as a ‘Legislative Referendum' one. National, Labour and NZ First candidates here in Tauranga, will be in Parliament after September 23 regardless of how the votes are cast because their candidates have high positions on their respective party lists. It is the Party vote that rules as it gives political parties their power through a percentage of seats in Parliament, and your Constituent vote counts for little. If the Constituency vote was valued, we wouldn't have the situation where candidates, including the Prime Minister, can be returned to Parliament without the backing of an Electorate. Despite voting for a party's policies and philosophies that appeal to you, after the election they are watered down when another party's policies are incorporated into those of your party of choice. I ask voters to send a clear message that they are fed up, by voting for me with your otherwise compromised Constituent vote, for a better people-focussed political system in New Zealand.

Authorised by Rusty Kane  Independent for Tauranga

8 Lorna Place Tauranga

Ph 5763594



Simon Bridges, National Party

Tauranga is on a roll and National is delivering for you. It's an honour to be your local MP and I pledge to continue to work hard for you and your family to make sure our growing city meets your needs.

More students are achieving NCEA, plus we've committed more than $100m for a new school and new classrooms.

There are more doctors and nurses, plus thousands of children benefiting from free GP visits and prescriptions.

More police officers are on call 24/7, with new initiatives to tackle family violence.

We've completed the TEL, with other projects underway including the Bayfair to Baypark Flyover and the Tauranga Northern Link.

Homestart has helped over 2000 people into their first home, plus an extra 153 social housing properties are happening.

I ask for your support this election so I can continue working hard for you.



Stuart Pedersen, ACT Party

Stuart has an economics degree and a commercial background in finance and marketing. He was a founder in 1987 of financial advisory and investment firm Spicers Portfolio Management Ltd. He continues with investment activities, and has been the Tauranga ACT candidate in both 2014 and 2017.

Stuart's voluntary work includes Tauranga Sunrise Rotary and being chairman of BoPSAT, the Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust.  He is married, has two adult children, and lives in Mt Maunganui.

Stuart is a proud New Zealander who is passionate about building a strong, just society which supports the most disadvantaged and offers opportunity for all, and otherwise gets the government out of the way so individuals can make their own choices, take responsibility for themselves, and reap the rewards of their own freedom and success.

“At six on the party list, I need ACT party votes so I can deliver on this vision.”



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