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A lot of the moisture in the home comes from shower steam causing foggy mirrors, wet walls and ceilings, and worn-out paint, which can add significant costs to house maintenance.


A warmer, drier home is a healthier home, as damp surfaces are the perfect place for fungus and bacteria to grow, which can cause serious health problems.


Showerdome reduces these problems, eliminating shower steam, reducing condensation and making the home healthier and warmer.


Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that attaches to the top of the shower box to prevent steam forming. Steam only occurs when warm moist air inside the shower collides with cold air-outside the shower. Showerdome is the barrier, which means no steam forms in the shower or bathroom. Showerdome is a Kiwi invention and the company is proudly New Zealand-owned and operated.


A university study estimated that heating a bathroom for half an hour per day with a 2.4kw electric heater costs around $100 a year, while using a 0.15kw heated towel rail for 12 hours per day costs around $156 a year.


Showerdome also makes mirror demisters and extractor fans redundant. Combining all of these energy-saving opportunities, installing a Showerdome may save homeowners around $250 per year in energy costs alone.


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The Weekend Sun has one DIY Showerdome kit to give away, valued at $299, for one lucky reader.


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