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Nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver is calling on Kiwis to take just one teaspoon of her plant based, nutrient dense supplement, Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds every day for 28 days for better health and improved energy.


Recent Ministry of Health data shows only 53 per cent of New Zealanders are consuming the recommended daily intake of vegetables and even fewer are eating enough fruit.


This lack of fruit and vegetables in our diets is leading to a gradual decline in our health — we might wake up feeling sluggish or tired or notice bowel troubles — it’s not often something we notice overnight. Yet it’s a real health concern, with the World Health Organisation recommending a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables each day just to prevent disease – that’s not even for optimal health.


Dr Libby Weaver says the problem is compounded by a lack of nutrient density in our food.


“I wish it were possible for us to get everything we need from food, but in today's world that is sadly not possible. Most soils are just not nutrient-rich enough anymore. In conventional farming, typically only three nutrients are fertilised back into the soil – that means there can be at least 10 missing.


“If a nutrient isn't in the soil, it can't be in our food, so we need to get those other nutrients into our body somehow. That’s why I developed our Bio Blends range.”


How can we get more nutrients into our diet?


Eat real food


Whole foods contain all of the vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds that are essential to support human health. Eating whole, real food is about all of the perks you get, such as nutrient density, but it is also about what you miss out on—the potentially harmful substances in many processed foods that can disrupt your body’s natural rhythms, biochemistry, communication and hormonal systems.


Choose organic


From the soil, health and energy are born. The soil contains minerals which we need to live, such as calcium and magnesium. But we can’t eat the soil, so we need a medium that is able to supply us with the Earth’s nutrients. The middlemen are plants, as they absorb the nutrients from the soil and make them available to us as food. However, if the soil is deficient in nutrients, then those nutrients are not in the food. So the quality of the soil where our food is grown plays an enormous role in how we feel, function and look each day.


Find your enjoyment


While there are some core nutrition fundamentals that benefit most people, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how we nourish our bodies. Bring enjoyment to food, listen to your body and bring attention to what you can eat, rather than what’s not ‘permitted’ or what you think is forbidden. Focus on nourishment and enjoyment.


Can we get all the nutrients we need from food alone or do we need supplements?


While eating a wide variety of whole foods including plenty of plants is vitally important to your health, nutritional supplementation is also commonly required.


We are exposed to more pollutants today, via what we eat, drink, breathe, and put on our skin. Pollutants require detoxification. This process requires nutrients, meaning we need more nutrients today, not fewer. So much of our health, energy and disease prevention is related to detoxification and elimination, and nutrients are required for these processes to work effectively.


Dr Libby says if she had to choose three things she wished everyone would do for their health, they would be:


Bring kindness to your life


When we are kinder to ourselves and put less pressure on fulfilling set criteria, we are more likely to make choices in our lives that we can sustain.


Become breath-aware


How you breathe plays a significant role in the information your body picks up on about what must be occurring in your environment. Nothing communicates to every cell of your body that you are safe better than slow nostril breathing. If you breathe in a shallow way, with short, sharp inhalations and exhalations, you communicate to your body that your life is in danger.


Focus on health, not weight


This shift in focus will help give you great energy, vitality, happiness and freedom, as well as optimal health.


The One Teaspoon Challenge


The One Teaspoon Challenge is very simple—to take one teaspoon of Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds, every day, for 28 days. Inside Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds there are six real food ingredients—broccoli, beetroot, dandelion, blackcurrants, barley grass and wheat grass.


My hope is that the One Teaspoon Challenge helps people to begin to experience how good they can feel with an extra boost of nutrients in their day, as well as inspiring them to use this as motivation to find other ways to sneak some additional vegetables into their day!


While working in private practice and at some of the world’s leading health retreats, I witnessed first-hand the true impact of poor nutrient intake. Our diets today often contain too many highly processed foods, lacking the nutrients we need to look, think and feel our best.


When it comes to supplementation, quality really matters. Each unique blend is based on a combination of my biochemical and nutritional knowledge, scientific research and the clinical insights I have gained from supporting thousands of patients over the past two decades.


We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients and have selected certified organic ingredients wherever this was possible. Each ingredient goes through a stringent selection process, that includes proof of the presence of the target nutrients or bioactive substances, and a thorough check for heavy metals and pesticide residues.


Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is a nutritional biochemist, speaker and best-selling author of 13 books.


Signing up for the challenge


The One Teaspoon Challenge begins on Monday, May 31, and runs for 28 days.


All challenge participants will receive a bottle of Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Reds, a copy of the Daily Tracking Chart to keep track of their progress and the opportunity to stay motivated by participating in weekly challenges with the One Teaspoon Challenge Community where they can win additional prizes. All of this for $59.95 (plus shipping charges, where relevant).


To find out more, or to sign up visit:




Join the Bio Blends One Teaspoon Challenge with Dr Libby Weaver
Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds is a plant-based, nutrient-dense supplement designed to help you get more fruits and vegetables into your day with ease.
Experience just how good your body is designed to feel when you give it additional nutrients. One teaspoon. Once a day, for 28 days.
What’s in the challenge?


o   1 x bottle of Organic Daily Greens & Radiant Reds


o   1 x One Teaspoon Challenge daily tracking chart


o   4 x supportive emails from Dr Libby


o   4 x challenges to win the weekly prize pool


The Weekend Sun has five prize packs for five lucky readers.




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