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When I hear the words adventure tourism, I don’t think: “Oh, that’s me”.


So, if you’d told me that I’d be climbing stairs, zipping through treetops, and experiencing nature from the top of the forest, I might not have believed you.


Retired folks are often not the first to jump at the opportunity to go ziplining in the dense native bush. However, that is exactly what my husband and I did - along with our daughter and son-in-law, and three of our gorgeous grandchildren. We wanted a family experience with everyone together - one we wouldn’t forget.


The forest itself was alive with sound. That was one of the first things I noticed – a cacophony of nature’s noise. Cicadas humming, the squawk of birds, and the soft rustling of trees. Even the metallic click-clack of carabiners and the strange, rising-and-falling hum of buzzing rope seemed at home in the native bush.


I know some of us oldies might be a bit scared to do something like a zipline experience, flying through a forest, hanging onto a rope and shrieking! Maybe we’d think it’s only made for our kids or grandkids, and that we can’t get out into nature and do something a bit wild. Yes, maybe some things would be a bit much. For example, you definitely wouldn’t see me doing a big bungie jump or a skydive!


But the adventure I had at Canopy Tours wasn’t just about a big adrenaline rush. Slipping off a platform and along a buzzing rope was only part of it. It was a three-hour tour where my whole family spent quality time together in an amazing patch of untouched Kiwi bush. We laughed, talked, and were also sometimes simply silent, just watching the amazing scenery in our own provincial backyard.


I feel very grateful to have had the experience at Rotorua Canopy Tours, and I’m delighted that I could do the tour with my entire family. With the help of the Canopy Tours team, we all created an unforgettable memory. I couldn’t have asked for more blissful three hours.


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