Sun Media to host live political debate

Want to know what Tauranga's by-election candidates think of the big issues facing Tauranga at the moment?

Topics from traffic congestions, local democracy, sustainability, climate change, inner city living and more will be put to them in a livestreamed debate on May 24.

National's Sam Uffindell, Labour's Jan Tinetti, New Nation's Andrew Hollis and ACT's Cameron Luxton will be facing the tough questions the city is wanting answers to.

“Sun Media supports the debate in the interests freedom of speech and democracy,” says directors Brian and Claire Rogers.

“Our aim is to keep voters well informed, while helping to ensure fair and efficient government.”

Brendan Horan will be the MC for the night.

The debate will be hosted at Sun Media offices at No.1 The Strand and live streamed on SunLive from 7.30pm on Tuesday May 24.

Make sure you bookmark the livestream link ( and check back on Tuesday when we go live.

All questions from the debate will be sent to all other candidates for the election during the event, to allow them the chance to answer on all the issues presented on the night.  All candidates answers will be available on SunLive following the event.

Debate Participants

Sam Uffindell
Jan Tinetti
Andrew Hollis
New Nation
Cameron Luxton