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with Rosalie Crawford

The idea for basing a story line off a series of books that so many of us as children fell in love with, came from Angus Stewart and Isabella Perkins, two drama students at Bethlehem College. Lemony Snickett’s ‘The Series Of Unfortunate Events’ are short novels that are unique, funny and interesting and as Angus says “we had hoped from the beginning that we could bring these stories to life on stage”.

Violet Baudelaire (Lana Reid), her intelligent brother Klaus (Flynn Harris), and their baby sister Sunny (Zoe Smith) are orphaned when a mysterious fire destroys their house and kills their parents. Mrs. Poe (Brooke Maddison), in charge of the Baudelaire fortune, entrusts them to their closest relative, Count Olaf (Angus Stewart), who only wants their money and makes them do harsh chores. They spend time with their Uncle Monty, played by Louie Grant. In total there is a cast of twenty-one with the play co-written and directed by Angus Stewart, Anika John and Isabella Perkins.

Angus goes on further to say that “when we started this production we sat down as directors and made a goal for what we wanted to achieve. As year 13’s we wanted to leave a legacy and encourage drama students to write, make and act in productions. We also wanted to thank our drama teacher and house dean, Mrs. Anderson for the passion she puts into everything she does for her students.”

The directors plan that some of the profits made from these two performances will go towards a budget for future students that want to direct their own production. The remaining profits will be going towards three missions projects of their choosing.

The opening night is 5th of August at 7:00pm at the Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre and there is a second night on the 6th of August at 7:00pm.


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