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with Rosalie Crawford

What’s it like to enter the Envirohub Sustainable Art Challenge?

I’d heard that Baycourt is packed out every year as the event attracts hundreds to come see trash turned into art and fashion. This year I arrived early to go backstage and meet some of the entrants.

It was a colourful mash of fantastical costumes and designs, some taking a few hundred hours to create. I’d already wandered through the art exhibition, marvelling at the ingenuity, skill and humour displayed as wire, metal, wood and found ‘junk’ items were turned into useful objects or works of art.

How to judge this? Every entry deserved recognition for the idea, time and labour involved.

The challenge was to “create a piece of art showing your vision for a sustainable future”. Entries were open to intermediate, secondary students and adults within Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty and the categories were up-cycled junk, “Trash to Fash”, photography and short movies. Within the Up-cycled Junk section there were two categories - works of art and practical pieces.

The awards event began with speeches on sustainability and the work that Envirohub does, and then it was all on as the Trash to Fash models walked across the stage. Being in the front row, I was able to see up close some of the detail that went in to these designs. Clothing made from CDs, hospital gloves, buttons, metal, plastics, lamb rings, sacking and bits and bobs that people find lying around their homes.  I’ll let these photos and video ‘do the talking”:

The winning entries:

  • Best Intermediate Fashion: Charlotte Marshall and Madeleine Atkins
  • Runner up Intermediate Fashion: Elysse Zaremba
  • Best Secondary Fashion: Rosie Pua
  • Runner up Secondary Fashion: Zoe Beck for "Pop It"
  • Best Adult Fashion: Solange Thompson for "Viking Girl"
  • Runner up Adult Fashion: Charlie Whiteley for "A Fairy from the Tatters"
  • Best Intermediate Wearable Art: Hope Gibbard for "Tea Bird"
  • Runner up Intermediate Wearable Art: Mia Thompson & Maya Carr-Manoit
  • Best secondary Wearable Art: Zoe Beck for "My Imaginary Friend"
  • Runner up secondary Wearable Art: Saffron Hann for "Wolf Fang"
  • Best Adult Wearable Art: Lindsay Bluck for "50 Shades of Coffee"
  • Runner up Adult Wearable Art: Heather McCartney
  • Upcycled Junk - Functional pieces - Intermediate: Taj
  • Runner up Upcycled Junk - Functional pieces - Intermediate: Daniel Stratton and Isaac White
  • Upcycled Junk - Functional pieces - Adult: Paper4Trees
  • Runner up Upcycled Junk - Functional pieces - Adult: Bobbie Cornell
  • Up-cycled Junk - Art - Intermediate: Alex Lund
  • Runner up Up-cycled Junk - Art - Intermediate: Naomi Mortimer
  • Up-cycled Junk - Art - adult: Mike McCarthy
  • Runner up Up-cycled Junk - Art - adult: Rachel Palmer
  • Best Photo - Adult: Shannon Cooper
  • Runner up Photo - Adult: Megan Potts
  • Best Photo - Intermediate: Leah Graham
  • Runner up Photo - Intermediate: Thomas Paige
  • Best Movie - Adult: PepperPots Team
  • Runner up Movie - Adult: Steampunk Ecowarriors Team
  • Best Movie - Intermediate: Eileen Kim
  • Runner up Movie - Intermediate: Ruby Neverman, Meghan Mackay.

You can check out many of these winning entries in the Creative Tauranga community gallery, 95 Willow Street, Tauranga. The gallery is open 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday as well as Saturday 23 July from 10am - 2pm. Head along to see the incredible, innovative, creative designs by people within our community. The artists whose pieces are on display range from primary school students, through to seniors.

To view video from the event visit:


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