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Bailey was doing what any normal sane dog would do on a summer’s day and they’re at the beach, run around like crazy!

Having just recovered from having both anal glands removed last August she returned to us in February for another major op.

Cruciate injury is the most common knee injury in dogs with 30-40 per cent% of dogs likely to rupture the ligament in the opposite leg within two years of the first.

In some cases, it occurs simply from the normal activity of a healthy dog, running and jumping, but “Weekend warriors” are at increased risk. Dr Jörg Thamm estimates to have carried out about 500 knee operations on dogs, most of them cruciate ligament repairs with more than 90 per cent being free of lameness between 3 and 12 months after the operation.

The best results are achieved if the repair is carried out within days of the incident before arthritis starts to develop.

Occasionally the cruciate ligament does not snap at once, but slowly frays, causing mild lameness but soon severe arthritis will develop if left untreated.

Any lameness lasting longer than a week should be investigated. Dr Jörg is not a registered specialist which explains the comparatively low cost of the surgery.

If your dog suffers from an undiagnosed lameness please ring 572 4200 to book an appointment ($45).


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