Abby's back end blowout

Vet Checks In
with Joerg Thamm
from Mount Vet Hospital

Poor Abby ended up with an anal gland abcess that burst all over her owners carpet.

She had been licking her back end more regularly over a few days and it had started to get rather pink, then suddenly swelled up and burst.

Dogs have small glands on either side of their anus that secrete a lovely smelling paste onto their faeces leaving a personal scent that other dogs can recognise them by.

Unforunately in some cases these glands do not empty properly and end up enlarged and irritated causing the dog to lick, scratch or scoot along on their bottoms for relief. In the worst case scenario they can become blocked, infected and even abcess.

After having a clean up, some antibiotics and pain relief, Abby is feeling much better, but still a little embarrassed I think.


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