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with Jay Hart

At the end of university, each graduate will hold a qualification. Relevant work experience will often determine which graduate gets hired.

For more competitive university studies including veterinary science; relevant, previous work experience is expected from students before they apply to vet school. This means volunteering at the local SPCA or veterinary clinic. Conservative fields, such as law, tend to hire from within their internship programmes, available to university students.

But instead of waiting for law school admission, look for opportunities to introduce your teens to lawyers. Encourage your teen to build connections that may lead to their first internship and possible employment once they're in law school.  

Internships are not only the best way for teens to land their first job, but they are also the best way for them to discover what they would really like to be doing, or not doing, with their degree. While pursuing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, I made every holiday count by engaging in meaningful internships, which allowed me to explore different available career paths. Before obtaining my Bachelor of Arts, I interned for a multi-national insurance company; law offices and local, national and international governments.

My last internship led to my first job after graduation. Many of my internships were paid and often overlapped my studies. Noting my passion for exploring careers, my university agreed to apply some of my work experience in lieu of actual papers.

Most universities today will offer the opportunity to complete at least one internship as part of a degree. Ultimately, it’s not about the quantity of hours worked or internships had. It’s all about the quality of the work experience and relationships built.


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