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More than one in five New Zealanders drop out of University in their first year. So, how can you make sure you're one of the three (and a bit) who graduates?

New Study Habits

For most of us, the work ethic we employed in college is not going to get us through tertiary education. Now is the time to get organised, take copious notes… and read them! 

Work on your assignments early and often, giving yourself plenty of time to complete them, thereby decreasing your stress levels.

Go to your professors with questions before and after you turn in assignments. 

Do not rely on what others say they are doing.

Ask for help. Ask me!

And always be satisfied with your best effort. Do not compare yourself to others.

Frugal Living

Get free budget advice at the start of university to help you create a plan to get you through those years of frugal living. Then revisit your plan each year. The clearer your finances are for you, the freer you will be to focus on your papers.

Birds of a Feather

It's no coincidence that Uni drop-outs tend to hang together. Who you spend your time with will greatly influence how you spend your time. So grab a pair of glasses and get nerdy with it. 

Healthy Being

Eat! Five small meals a day, please. Stay away from brain-drain junk food. A chocolate bar and a coke won't give your body the nutrients it needs for success.

Sleep! You need it. Save the partying for Friday night if you can sleep in on Saturday. Studies show that people who get less than seven hours of sleep each night are less effective. 

Remember that achieving your goals requires change and commitment. Kia haha!

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