The balancing act when choosing college courses

Careers with Hart
with Jay Hart

I spend a lot of time talking to parents and their teens about choosing college courses. Courses taken in college help prepare our teens for university. But courses taken... or not taken can also limit their options.

As a result, many teens overload their course schedules; making sure they take all of the sciences, maths, english, and any and every course suggested as imperative to university entry and the building of a successful career thereafter. 

This type of overloading can lead to unnecessary stress and poor life-long habits that perpetuate a lifetime of stress.

Our teens need balance. Even if they don’t think so…

Of course teens should learn genetics, algebra and composition. But they should also take that dance, photography or sports class that will help break up their day. And they should have that one super easy class that provides relief from a hard day’s work. In this way we’re offering our teens more than transient happiness; we are instilling in them a lasting, harmonious work/life ethic.

The reality is that not every student needs to take every traditional subject available. If your Year 11 student is focused on attending a performing arts school after college, it may be preferable for them to take extra media, communications, performance and even design based courses as opposed to all of the traditional maths and sciences available.

Year 11 is a great time to start helping our teens consider their unique skills, areas of strengths and interests and start matching these up to college and university courses, as well as future career opportunities. 

If your teen’s not quite sure where to start, don’t let them overload their course schedule for “just in case”. Let me know! I would love the opportunity to provide your teen with a personalised careers assessment to help guide them on their way.


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