Performing seals and flag deals

Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits

The big news this week is that Auckland has a seal. Big deal.

Yet it’s been leading the TV news this week.

You have to wonder what all the fuss is about. Every town’s got a seal.

We’ve got one at the Mount and its way cooler than Auckland’s.

Whitianga has one, they’ve had it longer than Auckward and it still has a sense of direction. Dunedin has a seal or two on the beach every other day.

Beats me why the news that happens to Auckward is always treated with so much more importance than the same news happening anywhere else in the country. I don’t see the TV cameras clamouring to get seal footage in the provinces.

Go figure. I guess some people in this country are just way more important and interesting than the rest of us.

Speaking of performing seals, we wish farewell and good riddance to ‘Campbell Live’.

Deluded followers

I’ve kept my trap shut, so far, on the demise of the show.

Partly because I know some deluded folk out there consider it good journalism.

And really, any interest the public show in journalism, even flaky versions, is encouraging.

I haven’t until now wanted to burst your bubble, but it’s a good time to face facts.
‘Campbell Live’ has been one of the most unbalanced, self-aggrandising loads of tripe ever to have masqueraded as news, except maybe for this column.

Whereas this column unashamedly is an opinion piece – and therefore is clearly and blatantly one-sided – the Campbell show was meant to report…which according to most definitions of journalism, requires bringing a balanced account of all sides of the story.

He allowed his viewpoint to colour the stories. He could not help but let his personal prejudices spill over into every piece. There was a pervading attitude of “I will tell you how you should feel about this”.

Viewing ‘Campbell Live’ each night and expecting to see some balance was as futile as watching a fat boy in a playground trying to ride the seesaw on his own.

This is where the state broadcaster scored a coup, putting Mike Hosking up against Campbell in the same time slot. Hosking, also able to irritate at times, at least has the skill to separate his viewpoint from his reporting.

The viewer clearly knows when Mike is telling the story; from when Mike is having his say. Campbell’s approach however was to interweave both into a tangled mess; with a bit of pitchy, ranting dramatics for effect.

The show constantly confused a reporting role with a commentator’s.

Campbell just could not help put his left-wing, chip-on-shoulder, ‘stand up for the underdog’ spin on any subject…even if the underdog had only themselves to blame for whatever hardship had befallen them.

Not saying that was the case with every story, and there were some great issues tackled over the years. It just was becoming harder to sort the genuine downtrodden from the self-perpetuating losers…who Campbell backed relentlessly with his formula of “stick it to the man” or the authority, no matter what the facts.

Drama queen

Many readers simply got tired of trying to sift the facts from the theatrics of this OTT drama queen.

This is not to say that the replacement programme will be any better. But that has little to do with the fact Campbell’s irritating style had worn thin with viewers.

Even the last-gasp surge in ratings, brought about by a massive bleating from his dwindling, deluded followers, was a Dead Cat Bounce and failed to hold sway with TV3’s hierarchy.

Good riddance, stop bleating and let’s get on with something fresh, and hopefully, balanced.

You spent it where?

The flag discussion is rolling on relentlessly, with Mr Key determined to spend his guzillion dollars on asking the country what we already know.

Interesting where the money is being spent on this campaign. We’ve asked, and haven’t yet had a straight answer.

But considering that the flag symbolises national pride and loyalty, you’d expect the vast millions to be spent with NZ-owned media, right?

Well I have news for you, and it’s mostly bad.

As the only NZ-owned media company in this region, I’m sad to say nothing so far has been booked with us.

What’s that I hear you cry? Are the millions being spent to endear national pride and chest-beating loyalty among the populace, actually being blown on OVERSEAS OWNED media?

Surely not?

Award winning locals

If a government was serious about reaching patriotic Kiwis, you’d expect it would be essential, not only to spend it with locally owned NZ-owned media, but also with the newspaper and leading news website with the greatest circulation and readership (which is one and the same... see media awards, page 6). We’ll keep you posted on this flag project saga.

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Liberal view

Posted on 02-06-2015 16:32 | By Stuart Pedersen

Well said Rogers - let’s hope the new show does a better job of reporting and avoids the campaigning.

Campbell Live

Posted on 30-05-2015 18:23 | By bogside

Congratulations Rabbit - no one could have said it better. Keep up the good work.

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