Ballistic garden leads to delicious gazpacho

Dazz SwitallaFlavour SecretsNo.1 The Strand Chef This year the garden has gone ballistic and recently after an absence of 3 days, neglect had led to an over-abundance of very ripe tomatoes. There were some shiny green capsicums... Read More

Not to be missed

Pete MorrisArt blogger I just know that I'm going to enjoy the new exhibition of mind expanding Don Overbeay paintings at Tauranga's Gallery 59 during February and early March. Don Overbeay was born in Columbus, Ohio,... Read More

Joint inflammation

John ArtsAbundant Living This week we look at inflammatory problems other than arthritis that affect joints and surrounding tissue. The most common are bursitis and tendonitis. Bursitis is a very common, often debilitating, joint... Read More

Healthy heart for your pet

Vet's VoiceKathleen Linpus As your dog or cat grows older, the risk of heart failure grows too. The heart is the most important organ in your pet's body, pumping blood containing oxygen and nutrients through the... Read More

Dark and delicious plums

Dazz SwitallaFlavour SecretsNo.1 The Strand Chef A long time ago, from memory when I was about eight, I fell from a scratchy old plum tree while trying to pick plums and broke my arm. I can remember the pain, the hideous... Read More

An unusual Tauranga first

Pete MorrisArt blogger As someone constantly on the lookout for new visual experiences and someone who wants to see the growth of the visual arts in Tauranga generally it's great to see a progressive local gallery exploring... Read More

Nutritional therapy for joint problems (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Arthritis is just a term for joint inflammation. Any disease that includes the suffix ‘itis', including arthritis, confirms it is an inflammatory disease. Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterised... Read More

A new year begins

Debra JagerHome Instead Senior Care Hi there, currently my health is in great shape but having seen a couple of friends' health deteriorate very rapidly last year I thought I had better do some forward planning. Are you able to point me in... Read More

New in Papamoa

Pete MorrisArt blogger Artists Jos and Hilly Coufreur have moved to Papamoa Beach after 12 years of living in Cambridge. They had been pondering the shift for a year, and now seemed the right time as only one of their four... Read More

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Lest we forget, Mt Maunganui. Photo: Cherry Fowles.

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