You are being watched

Mark SimpsonTechnology Centre George Orwell was right, if a little early with his predictions. Everywhere we go and everything we do is being watched. Thousands of surveillance cameras monitor our every move, as we drive to work, walk down the... Read More

Protecting your privacy

Mark SimpsonTechnology Centre We have a right to privacy and this is enshrined in various acts. However, when it comes to our online activities, most of us are blissfully unaware of how many people and governments want to learn everything about... Read More

Mid-month Saturn graces the sky

Star gazingwith Astronomical Society presidentToby Tobias In mid-July, Saturn graces the north-western sky, with the blue-tinted variable-brightness star Spica, positioned seven O'clock down from it Below them is the brilliant white star... Read More

What about the new iPhone 5?

Graeme Elvinof Mackenzie Elvin I love new technology and one of the latest releases is the new iPhone 5. I want one, my staff all want one too, and they want me to pay for it.  I know why my staff want one; they get a flash toy, music, camera,... Read More

New Bay business text service

Andrew NimickPoint Concept During the weekend on which we held the Bay Of Plenty Mashup competition we were given the use of a text message service run by local Bay business startup Itext. The service called Vortext (neat... Read More

Mashup a success

Andrew NimickPoint Concept What a fantastic weekend at the second Bay Of Plenty Mashup competition. I spent the entire weekend at the competition talking to teams, mentors, parents and anyone who decided to pop in and see... Read More

Mashup competition this weekend

Andrew NimickPoint Concept This Saturday is the second Bay Of Plenty Mashup competition at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Bongard campus on Cameron Road. We have 13 teams entered this year, which is a really good number from... Read More

On watch for dirty words

Andrew NimickPoint Concept I came across this list the other day. I had to look up one or two terms. The Department of Homeland Security keeps an eye on all the social media feeds, looking for key words. Thanks to a Freedom... Read More

Programming in schools

Andrew NimickPoint Concept This Thursday I attended a meeting set up by the Priority One Instep team. Myself and Rory Birkbeck were there to represent the IdeaShed and we were meeting secondary school teachers from schools... Read More

Changing spots on the sun

Weather Eyewith John Maunder The ‘Maunder Minimum' is the name given to the period from 1645 to 1715 when the number of sunspots – ‘storms' on the sun – became almost zero.  The period is named... Read More

Opinion Poll

What are your thoughts on the council’s proposal to increase rates 40 per cent over the next three years?

Good, it will help pay to revitilise the city
Not good, rates are high enough now
I’m ok with an increase, but maybe not such a big one

Bay Today

Penumbra on Sunday. Photo: Joan King.

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