Preparing the prawns

Peter BlakewayFood writer Have you ever wondered where the frozen prawns in the supermarket come from? Maybe you’ve even checked the country of origin and will inevitably have found they are Australian or some other country in Asia. Why...... Read More

Eating the memories of our childhoods

Peter BlakewayFood writer At this time of year we all crave the sort of comfort food that reminds us of our childhood – and for me that means sticky toffee pudding with a butterscotch sauce. I first tasted this sublime dessert at the Sharrow...... Read More

Fast Food Beat Up

Are you ready?with Leigh Elder Last week’s TV One ‘Sunday’ programme was focused on taking a look at obesity and what we should be doing about it. And guess what, surprise, surprise, the fast food industry was the number one target...... Read More

The original soul food

Peter BlakewayFood writer The season for standing on the edge of our children’s sports fields has definitely arrived, and with it the promise of winter around the corner. This gives me the chance to delve into the earliest history of food...... Read More

Food: a source of cultural identity for all

Peter BlakewayFood writer The average time spent cooking a family evening meal is now only 34 minutes.This is compared to people spending a full hour in 1980.People can change things if they want to. If we look overseas, we can see how successful...... Read More

Pass the pork

Peter BlakewayFood writer Animal fat has so often been the enemy of the good diet, yet as is often the case it isn’t the product itself that’s bad just the way we use it. The Inuit peoples of Alaska have a diet of almost total animal...... Read More

Give the cook the credit

Peter BlakewayFood writer So here is my stand: What you choose to eat is the single most important decision you make every day and should be taken seriously. That said, it should be a fun and exciting part of your life and really doesn’t...... Read More

Bottle that sauce! Masterchef masterpiece

Healthy Matterswith Hayley MarieLocally supported by NZ Farm Shop I thought for my last recipe I would share with you my favourite dish of all time, which happens to be my elimination dish on ‘MasterChef New Zealand’ where Nadia Lim...... Read More

Red alerts! Two ways with tomatoes

Healthy Matterswith Hayley MarieLocally supported by NZ Farm Shop Juicy, ripe and colourful fresh tomatoes are one of this season’s greatest pleasures and I’m excited to turn two delicious healthy recipes into something special for...... Read More

Spicing up a simple Sangria

Joseph GordonThe Phoenix Wow, we’re already into February and this weather has been extreme. High temperatures have made for horrifically dry days, so remember to slip, slop and slap and increase your fluid intake due to these muggy nights. One...... Read More

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