Sportsmanship on display

Active Voice with Buddy Meyer WBOP Primary School Sport Director “Sportmanship is behaviour and attitudes that show respect for the rules of a game and for the other players” Collins English Dictionary. As term two...... Read More

More sports from across the ditch

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian It was only a matter of time before the Sunshine Coast joined the other major Queensland major cities in hosting a national sporting competition franchise. The...... Read More

Government’s Family Package to improve life

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP You’ll have seen in the recent Budget that New Zealand is doing well. Everyone deserves credit for that, especially the millions of hard-working Kiwis who get up each morning determined to help...... Read More

Declining number of young people in sport

Active Voice with Gareth Yates Sport BOP School Sport Team Leader How we can get more young people more active is a big focus for Sport Bay of Plenty. This focus has become all the more important with recent reports showing a...... Read More

The pain of the 2018 NRL season

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian Writing this on the balcony of their holiday apartment - which overlooks the top end of Bribie Island in Caloundra - continues the cinderella weather for Sideline...... Read More

Wizardry at its best

Pam Hison Green Prescription Advisor Sport Bay of Plenty With temperatures plummeting it is tempting to position yourself firmly on the couch. We, the Green Prescription team are here to tell you keeping your activity level...... Read More

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