Planning for Tauranga Harbour

Jane Nees
BOP Regional Councillor

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council recently reviewed progress in the Tauranga Harbour programme and gave direction on future action for staff to cost up for consideration in the up-coming regional council ten year plan. This included:

  • More action to protect the harbour and continued funding for ongoing research.
  • A survey of the ecological health of the harbour.
  • Review of the harbour monitoring programme to fill any gaps.
  • Look at further mangrove removal, including rationalisation of consented boundaries and clearance of additional special areas.
  • Support maintenance of cleared mangrove areas, including stump removal and seedling removal using mechanised means.
  • Develop a programme to restore coastal margins.
  • Look at increasing the subsidy for riparian subsidies to include stream bank stabilisation.
  • Undertake proactive monitoring of properties around the harbour to identify problem areas.
  • Continue with sea lettuce research and clean-up.
  • Consider seed funding for groups with a consent for recreational channel dredging.
  • Fund a Tauranga Harbour symposium to inform people about issues.
  • Better communication about the harbour including a yearly “report card”.

It will require a bigger investment, but should enable real progress to be made to protect our harbour. 

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