Ease student hardship with free public transport

Green Goals with Josh Cole Green Party The Government must lift student incomes now! New evidence shows thousands of students are living in poverty, with many struggling to pay rent and put food on the table. Everyone in this...... Read More

Southern Oscillation Index

Weather Eye with John Maunder For further information on a range of weather and climate matters see my recent book Fifteen shades of climate... the fall of the weather dice and the butterfly effect. Available from Amazon. The following...... Read More

Preparing our kids for great careers

Nigel Tutt Chief Executive of Priority One As we head into the second half of the year, many BOP students and their parents will begin looking into career options, and it is a good opportunity to consider what the future may hold...... Read More

Energy? Anger? It's dead simple

Winston Watusi Music Plus The word 'punk' means different things to different people – and that's even before you start using it as a musical term. Once you start trying to define 'punk' musically you...... Read More

Global sea level change

Weather Eye with John Maunder Global (or eustatic) sea level change is measured relative to an idealised reference level, the geoid, which is a mathematical model of planet Earth’s surface. Global sea level is a function...... Read More

Pricing must cut agriculture emissions

Green Goals with Josh Cole Green Party Cutting climate pollution must be the number one priority for Cabinet when considering how it intends to price agricultural emissions. Agreeing an emissions pricing system that meets New...... Read More

New music from the Bay

Winston Watusi Music Plus One thing I love about music, and the music scene, is that it exists simultaneously in so many different guises. Case in point: from several recent and upcoming local releases, the two I have for you this...... Read More

Food for thought

Daniel Hutchinson From The Hutch The slow cooker has been simmering for two days – the smell of pork and beef stew wafting through the house. It didn’t start off as a pork and beef stew, mind you. It started as a frozen...... Read More

Tauranga June weather 1898-2022

Weather Eye with John Maunder Monthly rainfalls for Tauranga have been recorded at several recording sites during the last 124 years. From January 1898 to December 1904, the observation site was described as the Tauranga Harbour,...... Read More

Bye bye jazz festival – hello new music

Winston Watusi Music Plus We all know about what they say about famines and feasts and buses. It’s also true of music. Sometimes I struggle to think of something to write about. These are not those times. We’ve just...... Read More