The writing of a book

Weather Eye with John Maunder Over 50 years ago in April 1968 when I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography in the University of Victoria in Canada, I remember very well when on a Wednesday morning the representative...... Read More

Happy Matariki – it’s jazz fest time!

Winston Watusi Music Plus The only thing I’ve got to say this week about the Port of Tauranga 59th National Jazz Festival is a reminder. Here’s that reminder: there are still tickets available for concerts at Baycourt;...... Read More

By-election a seismic shift

Democracy HQ A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris The result was never in doubt, but National’s share of the vote has sent shockwaves as far away as the Beehive. National candidate Sam Uffindel won more than 56 per...... Read More

The big bang theory

Daniel Hutchinson From The Hutch  Well whanau, our oppressive, overbearing government has forced another public holiday on us and now we must rise up and consider what this means – or not, if you feel like a sleep-in. Despite...... Read More

Global temperature and other climate anomalies for May 2022 from NOAA

Weather Eye with John Maunder There were a number of significant temperature anomalies and events for May. Record-breaking temperatures contributed to a hot and dry May across southern, central and western Europe, with France...... Read More

Benefits of the Budget

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP  Last week Minister Andrew Little and I attended a launch event at Tauranga Hospital to celebrate Bay of Plenty District Health Board joining the National Bowel Screening Programme. Bowel cancer...... Read More

Nutters, climate deniers, and many bands

Winston Watusi Music Plus Tauranga’s been in the news a bit recently; you’ve got to be proud. As only the fifth-largest city in the country we tend to get a little passed over, so any time we come to national prominence...... Read More

The Great Race

Daniel Hutchinson From The Hutch Usually, at this time of the electoral cycle, locally-elected councillors are being super nice to everyone. Everyone vying for the few positions available musters up their most popular ideas and...... Read More

Global monthly average lower troposphere and surface temperatures since 1979

Weather Eye with John Maunder Each month Professor Ole Humlum of the The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), in Norway publishes on his very comprehensive web site a large number of updated charts and related analyses of data...... Read More

It’s nearly here – the jazz festival!

Winston Watusi Music Plus Okay. Through the downpour and drizzle, I think I see a jazz festival approaching... It’s not long now till Matariki and, being the first time we’ve celebrated it as a holiday and – more...... Read More