Simply not enough Police at the front line

Todd Talks
with Todd Muller
National MP

 When the Prime Minister relieves the Police Minister from her duties and gives the job to a more senior Minister, it’s a clear admission that the job was not being done properly. Will new Police Minister Chris Hipkins take his Police force seriously and give them the support they need to protect us?

New Zealanders have known for some time now that the Police have not been given the resourcing to do their jobs effectively. Criminals have had an easy ride under Labour, knowing that government policy is to let them run away without pursuing them.

There are simply not enough Police at the front line to deal with the rising crime rate and many reported crimes are going unsolved. Shoplifters are helping themselves to stock, knowing they’ll never be prosecuted. Gangs are laughing as they flaunt their patches and deafen us with their loud bikes.

When Labour announced their policy to reduce prison numbers, I doubt anyone thought this would be due to a lack of resources to charge offenders; criminals are still on the streets instead of in prison because there are not enough Police to process them.

Crime has been the dominant topic of concern at my recent constituent meetings. People are scared of gangs. They are sick of living in fear of burglaries and home invasions. They are appalled by meth being made and sold in their neighbourhoods.

I feel the same way and so does National. The next National Government will back Police, we will side with law-abiding New Zealanders and our government will not stand for gang intimidation.


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